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My Octohug illustration has been published in a coloring book!

Want to hear the coolest thing in the whole world? One of my illustrations has been included in Souris Hong-Porretta‘s new Outside the Lines Coloring Book! I am crazy honored to have my Octohug drawing nestled on a page near awesome illustrations by some of my favorite artists: Gary Baseman, Keith Haring, Kozyndan, Ryan Junell, Ryan McGinness, Saelee Oh, […]

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1 We were made to accomplish the easy things

There are a million little easy things that can eat up a day. This app has a number, check it. Clear it. Read it. Respond to it. Like it. Share it. Email it. Save it. Bookmark it. Make a note of it. Cross it off. Make a phonecall. Write it down. Make a mental note. Let it go. Talk it out. Pick it up. Put it away. Move it again. Water the plants. Take it off. Wave it away. Say hello. Kiss goodbye.

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My Fierce Declaration

This is not about working hard. More importantly, this is not about listening to the f*cking brutal voice in my head that insists I’m not working hard enough or fast enough, and that it’s all my fault. To that voice today, I say: f*ck you. I’m onto you. And guess what: this life? This life […]

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We’re our own worst critics

Did you happen to see the new Dove commercial that’s been going around? It hit home for me, and I’m clearly not alone. We are our own worst critics, and when you really stop to listen to the messages you’re telling yourself, it’s heartbreaking… not to mention limiting. All too often I work with clients […]

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