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1 let the holiday shopping begin!

As always I’m finding myself in the first week of December thinking “crap!” because I haven’t hardly even thought about this whole Christmas thing. Part of me is even a bit of a Scrooge because every year it honestly feels like more than I can deal with on top of all the other work & […]

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3 if there is a god…

I hope he/she’s heard me, because today I’ve been all out *praying* Prop 85 doesn’t pass. As I’m settling down to go to sleep, the results are looking hopeful, but I will still say a few more and keep my fingers & toes crossed. It’s so important to me. Think good thoughts! Sadly, stupid Arnie […]

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3 Vote!!

I sent a big email out yesterday with links and urging my friends to make sure they get out & exercise their right to vote. I was so pleased that several friends wrote back thanking me. Saying that what I sent really helped them, etc. That gives me hope! It’s so important we don’t give […]

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5 Spooktopus!

Octopus!Originally uploaded by Aubs. TNDC this week was girls only and hosted at Casa de Willo! We first enjoyed yummy Thai takeout on the deck (yay for warm SF weather in October!), while sharing girly gossip & secrets. hehee. Girls rule, boys drool. After just the right amount of wine, we grabbed sharp knives & […]

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