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Inspirational Lifestyle Design: Willo Sana on the Misfits & Rejects podcast

The Misfits & Rejects podcast features the inspirational lifestyle design of expatriates, travelers, entrepreneurs, and adventurers. People designing life on their own terms!  After meeting the host of the podcast, Chapin Kreuter, at a productivity sprint in Chiang Mai, he invited me to join him on an episode… and I’m so glad he did! He really got […]

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1 let the holiday shopping begin!

As always I’m finding myself in the first week of December thinking “crap!” because I haven’t hardly even thought about this whole Christmas thing. Part of me is even a bit of a Scrooge because every year it honestly feels like more than I can deal with on top of all the other work & […]

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3 if there is a god…

I hope he/she’s heard me, because today I’ve been all out *praying* Prop 85 doesn’t pass. As I’m settling down to go to sleep, the results are looking hopeful, but I will still say a few more and keep my fingers & toes crossed. It’s so important to me. Think good thoughts! Sadly, stupid Arnie […]

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3 Vote!!

I sent a big email out yesterday with links and urging my friends to make sure they get out & exercise their right to vote. I was so pleased that several friends wrote back thanking me. Saying that what I sent really helped them, etc. That gives me hope! It’s so important we don’t give […]

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