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~ CONNECT ~ Video Series on Creative Sustainability

WilloToons Connect - Inspiring Creative Sustainability in Life & Business

WilloToons Connect was a video series I produced in 2011, interviewing three brilliant woman who built businesses from their passion. They share how they got started, as well as the gifts and challenges they've faced staying connected to their inspiration and self-care while doing what they love.

Watch this fun trailer to get a better sense of what it's all about:

The wisdom and insights in these episodes are timeless

So, grab a cup of tea and get ready to experience fun and heartfelt one-on-one conversations with three incredibly talented creative entrepreneurs!

WilloToons Connect: Helen Jane Hearn (Trailer)
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WilloToons Connect: Finding Your Way Back to Self-Care, with Marianne Elliott
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Behind-the-Scenes with Marianne Elliott
If you haven't already seen it, you simply must watch the third episode of WilloToons Connect. The episode features Marianne[...]

Many, many thanks to the amazing cinematographers, editors, photographers and musicians who contributed their time and talent to co-create this series with me!


WilloToons Connect Credits
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