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I am making more money since working with Willo!

Willo is super supportive of not just my business and its inner workings, but also ME, the creator of the business, and MY wellbeing. She reinforced in me the fact that in order to be successful at my business, I needed to be in the right head space for me. I will be setting the bar higher each year!

Jill Feron Artist and Owner

I feel more alive, motivated, driven, committed, clear and hopeful than I have been in two decades!

Working with Willo is a wonderful journey of laying out all the steps that lead to having a successful, thriving business and being a happy, balanced business owner. All fully tailored to YOU. Lots of kind, compassionate truth bombs along the way, and a great well of resources, tools, techniques and processes at your disposal.

Willo has a way of gently pushing you towards ever bigger goals (and money) while making it feel so easy and simple. I've come out of this experience as a full time designer with great clients, making great money compared to even just 3 months ago!

Valerie Derbaudrenghien Graphic Designer & Brand Stylist

Now I have all my systems in place to create something sustainable!

I have gotten a lot more confident in general from putting myself out there. I realized people actually like my work and see me as an expert!

Summer Murphy Esthetician and Skincare Consultant

I couldn't have done it without her!

I initially wanted to work with Willo because I had a message to share and a business to get running... but no freaking clue HOW to make it happen. Willo helped me realize I am not alone in any of my fears and struggles. In this program, not only do you get real world feedback, but you're surrounded by other business owners to bounce ideas off of and learn from.

I used to fear that I didn't have what it takes to put together a business... now I know that I am capable!

Patience Krupinski Intuitive Health & Wellness Coach

Willo's coaching made me much more aware of what's been holding me back

Willo is so supportive, perceptive and loving. She clarified some of my patterns and where they come from, and helped me realize that I don't need to be so hard on myself.

Working with Willo [on my way to 7-figures in my business] has allowed me to let go of the belief that it's immoral to want to make money.

Seonaid Beckwith Founder & Online Course Creator

I have energetically flipped the closed sign over and I am open for business again!

Willo helped me break through my struggles and bring me out of what was one of the lowest points of my life. She went beyond the business nuts and bolts and focused on what was behind the resistance, enabling a more stable foundation. Now I have more acceptance of myself and of my "essence pace" as Willo so beautifully described it. Thanks to her guidance, I have a renewed sense of readiness, and a reconnection with my business.

Kate Wiese Sacred Sound Healing Practitioner and Teacher

Within just a few weeks of starting Willo's program, I've made more money in my business than in the past year total!

Once I started working with Willo, I knew that I was in the right space. She offers the perfect combination of strategy to help businesses grow, and mindset support in order to progress.

As a result of her coaching, I'm maintaining a healthy marketing funnel that's generating new client calls on a regular basis, I'm serving 30+ clients, and have a solid group coaching program!

Amanda Ryan Fear Life Coach

Willo walks her talk!

Willo is a mastermind with her work and is so tuned into the spiritual journey that accompanies business development. She really gets the holistic approach - how the person fuels the biz and the biz fuels the person.

Willo strongly held me accountable and pushed me to my edge in a firm yet compassionate way. Now I know I have what it takes to win this game, and thanks to Willo's help, I'm on the right track in creating optimal success!

Kelley Mountain Self Love Coach

Highly recommend working with Willo!

Willo helped me grow my business and my audience by holding space and advocating for my goals. She helped me shift limiting beliefs and rewrite new, positive beliefs: My writing and my voice ARE valuable. People WANT to come play in my world... people will PAY to come play in my world!

Erin Hickok Creator of Cards for Connection® & Founder

I'm proud of learning how to show up and share my voice

Being in Willo's program has led me to gain new clients and more confidence sharing my voice. I NEVER thought I would be able to show up and speak on video for social media, but now I can be fully present and front-facing with much less fear!

Her strategies have truly allowed me to hone in on the communities I work with. Not to mention, I've learned how to streamline my productivity and create content with efficiency.

Carol Tessitore Integrative Nutrition Therapist

Willo helped me see I'm capable of creating the business and life I desire!

I was unsure of how to navigate the entrepreneurial space coming from a corporate environment, but Willo helped me let go of the belief that I have to hustle and work nonstop to achieve results. I now realize that this is a journey, not a destination. Through this program, I've learned to embrace my feelings and intuition as a part of both me AND my business.

Anna Forbes Integrative Growth Strategist

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