VIP Coaching

Hello, beautiful creative being!

Are you ready for high-level, individualized support?

In the last decade, I have had the privilege of working with many brilliant VIPs... Very Inspired People! Truly an honor, as my clientele consists of creative, passionate individuals who are consummate leaders in their fields: coaches, authors, artists, healers, designers, trainers, marketing professionals, therapists, and more. The cool part is, given my experience, I am fluent in the language of my people: conscious, colorful, expansive, visionary, and creatively armed with long lists of world-changing ideas. Sound familiar?

My zone of genius is Emotional & Strategic Support: Helping you move through all the challenging emotional bits that inevitably arise when you're stepping out of your comfort zone, and guiding you through the many technical decisions required (I'm a tech geek) to implement online marketing, efficient systems and processes, and grow your team.  

Before I started working with Willo I was very scared of being stuck, of not being able to handle what I had to deal with, of exploding as a result of bad management of my own reality and difficulties. I needed a change, a new beginning, and a new energy flowing even though I was too consumed with the process to be able to allow any of that to flourish. Willo made me realize that there were techniques already inside myself to help me cope with my difficulties and overcome my struggles. She taught me how to honour the process which in turn helped me deal with my hardest moments, and how to be gentle and kind with myself.

Carmen Vela MaldonadoArtist & Creative Director


Through our work together you remember
your own innate power and capabilities

You are reminded of your unique gifts and
how powerfully capable you are.

You experience a full embodiment of your big vision and
see a clear picture of the possibilities at your fingertips

You're propelled forward with empowered confidence to take 
strategic, aligned, actionable steps. 

Amber Adrian Writer &  Intuitive Channeler,

My brain was on an “Aaarggg, how can I make money doing my stuff? Who can I ask for help?” loop, and Willo's name was the first to pop to my mind. It's one of my greatest fears that I'll end up doing something that I don't feel fully aligned with or that will drain the life out of me, so I was deeply excited to find a way to begin doing what I love in the world and having it earn actual money. Willo is a joy to work with. In our first session, she picked up my scattered talents and interests, and handed me a business I didn't even know I had. In our second session, she gave me a platter of different income streams to try and, after implementing the first, I doubled my mailing list in one day… and tripled it in a week!


I only work with a few  VIP clients at a time, and have a few limited spots available. If you are interested in working with me one-on-one, please fill in the application form and book a complimentary call with me.