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WilloToons Connect Episode Two: Meet Mati Rose!

Hey, guess what!? My second full-length episode is live, featuring one of my favorite artists, Mati Rose McDonough!

As a full-time artist and painter, Mati (prounounced like “Arrg, Matey”) has great advice on staying connected to your creativity while running a business. Furthermore, talking to Mati about her creative process is so inspiring. Not only for her brilliant artistic abilities, but for her willingness to consistently be brave. She doesn’t sugarcoat things when times are tough, and she’s very up front with how long and often challenging her path has been. Mati works from the heart! <3

To see what it’s all about, watch the quick trailer:

Loved it? Go check out the episode, and please leave a comment to say hello or let me know what hits home for you! Also, since this is only the second one in my little seedling of a series, I would love it if you would share it around to all the other creative beings in your life.

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Thanks for watching… and a big thanks to Mati Rose for sharing your wisdom! <3

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sperlygirl - July 24, 2011 Reply

great interview! mati is such a lovely person – a true inspiration. beautifully done. 🙂

StefanieRenee (@stefanierenee) - July 24, 2011 Reply

Have you seen Mati’s on WilloToons? If not, check it out! https://fb.me/18xs4vpVV

Ricki Mountain - August 15, 2011 Reply

I LOVE this blog. Thank you and your Guest Mati Rose for your inspiration!!!
Best of luck with your new venture.

    Willo O'Brien - August 17, 2011 Reply

    Thank you, Ricki!

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