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WilloToons Connect: Finding Your Way Back to Self-Care, with Marianne Elliott

Marianne Elliott on WilloToons Connect


It’s here, it’s here! My *third* full-length WilloToons Connect episode just went live!

In this one, I had the incredible pleasure of sitting down with the lovely and amazing Marianne Elliott – a woman whom I have such respect and adoration for that I am absolutely over the moon to have her as a guest.

Originally we had recorded a Skype conversation (which you can see trace bits of in the WilloToons Connect trailer), but shortly after she booked a trip to the states – all the way from New Zealand – and I was thrilled when she agreed to re-shoot our conversation in person… so much better!

In addition to having her here in the Bay Area, and getting to experience Marianne in person (what a treat!), this episode marks the first time I had an additional camera on set, and it made for such a better video! That’s a little geek talk, but for those of you who watched the first and second episodes, I think you’ll agree it’s an improvement; I’m so fortunate to have such an awesome team!

Marianne was an absolute joy to chat with, too. It’s hard for me to put into words, but she’s someone who really makes me think about the work I’m doing in my life, and how I’m expressing my intention. She’s so aware and wise, I often find myself feeling completely befuddled and in awe talking to her; I want to be her when I grow up!

Our conversation hits home on so many levels, and I feel SO many people can relate to it. She’s someone who is not only staying true to her passion and vision for what she wants to create in her life and business, but she’s a true changemaker and beacon, serving the world with her gifts.

Alright, enough gushing… check out our conversation (and please share it with a friend)!

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allison - September 14, 2011 Reply

that was a really great way to spend part of my morning. glad you guys took the time to talk and thanks for posting. i think i’ll go find my mat now:)

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