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3 things you need to do to start making money right now!

Stop living on the “Hamster Wheel of Not Enough.”

Feelings of lack affect every level of your consciousness. They find a way to seep into your business, drain your vision, and keep your big ideas from going out into the world.

Scarcity is one sneaky gremlin. It feels permanent. It makes you feel like you can’t afford to live – and you have to think about the cost of every single meal, or thing you buy, down to the dollar.

It gives you excuses to complain, or worse, blame others for your less-than-desired circumstances. This may be a client relationship that isn’t going well, and how fed-up you are with them… or it may be how you keep complaining about how you can’t get to the work you REALLY want to be doing.

Every area where you have feelings of lack each have some really poignant clues for you!

The three things you need to start doing to feel in alignment with the work you are doing:

  1. Learning how to say no and/or reset expectations
  2. Making offers
  3. Get clear on what you want and start creating the space to make it happen

If you’re finding yourself stuck on the Hamster Wheel of Not Enough, take a moment to look at how you are operating right now (both in your mindset and in your behaviors) and see if you can take action using any of one of the three above to start changing the way you do business.

Stop living in scarcity and move forward with conscious intention to create the Abundant Expansion + Momentum you know is possible in your life and business!

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