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Leading Wisdomshare Workshops at The Garden Gathering

The Garden Gathering is here again, sweet sisters!

Happening over the new moon, December 7-9th on a sweet little island in Hong Kong, The Garden Gathering is a celebration of Spirit, Harmony, and Oneness. 

Women and children gather from far and wide for a 3-day weekend of rewilding amongst the elements, holding "wisdomshare" sessions to inspire medicines of mother earth, art, song, ceremony, dance, yoga & meditation, food & farming, heritage, and healing to nurture our nature.

We camp out under the stars* at the beautiful Sai Yuen Farm located on Cheung Chau – an island that’s just a quick boat ride away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.  *Actually we sleep in rather nice teepees, safari tents & domes that have proper beds, nice sheets/comforters, fans, A/C, and even hardwood floors! 

Back in Hong Kong after almost a year away!

I am thrilled to heading back to my former home of Hong Kong to once again contribute and co-create this incredible weekend of sisterhood, healing, and meaningful connection. This will be my third Garden Gathering, and I can honesty say each and every one has been life-changing in so many ways! 

Not only has The Garden Gathering introduced me to so many new, amazing women from all over the world – many of whom have become dear clients and beloved friends who I spend time with regularly! – but it rooted me into a deep, embodied awareness of the power and magic of true sisterhood. 

Wisdomshare at Garden Gathering 2017

Introducing myself as a Gardener at the Gathering

As a returning Gardener (what those of us contributing Wisdomshares are called), I will be offering two NEW interactive workshops this year:

Embodied Evolutionary Expansion
Gardener: WILLO SANA

As rapidly evolving beings on the path of personal and spiritual growth on this earthly plane, we are faced with somatically integrating the powerful, and often very intense, downloads and activations we’re receiving. Further, if your path is calling you to transmute, channel, heal, or guide others, then it’s even more crucial you learn how to take care of your Self energetically, emotionally, and physically.

We’ll discuss practical methods for integration, especially amidst the stormy seas of transformation that can send tumultuous waves of change through your physical body, home, or work. By learning to operate in a harmonious state of flow with the universe, you will be more readily able to be of high service to that which wants to live through you.

In this interactive Wisdomshare, you will also receive a taste of my signature system for visionaries, called LightMap – which includes grounded, practical business guidance paired with conscious heart- and mindset rewiring for standing in your power and cultivating a stronger relationship with your own knowing, genius, and truth.

This is an invitation to embrace the full embodiment of the gifts that are coming through you. Not getting tsunami’d by fear, not numbing, derailing, distracting, or finding yourself in a constant state of overwhelm, nor deluding and lulling yourself into a false sense of mediocrity.

Instead, we are lighting you up from within to boldly shine your light and illuminate the path for your momentum and abundant expansion in the coming year! 

The Sacred Container  
Gardener: WILLO SANA

By intentionally forming a safe and sacred container for the work you do with clients, teams, and even family members, you are more readily able to support truthful expression and individual/collective transformation. If you are a healer, teacher, or leader facilitating healing, self-discovery, or difficult conversations, then learning to cultivate a safe space is absolutely paramount.

Additionally, as we collectively heal lifetimes of emotional and physical trauma, discrimination and abuse, we need to learn how to face and navigate delicate waters, instead of neglecting or ignoring them simply because we don’t know where to start.

In this Wisdomshare, we’ll discuss simple yet profound ways to consciously create safe and sacred spaces for yourself (physically, spiritually, and emotionally) and for the individuals or communities you work with.

I will be speaking from my experience as a Transformational Business Coach and Energetic Alchemist, facilitating groups online and in-person; as well as from my experience as a co-creator of epic gatherings, like my 400+ person event, Yes And Yes Yes (YxYY).

If you have wisdom or experience to share on this topic, please join us and contribute! This is an opportunity for all of us to come together and share best practices and wisdom for how we’re cultivating safe containers for progressively more ethical community interaction, as well as deeper, transformational shadow- and lightwork.

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The conscious container held at this event, both for Spirit and our gracious Mother Earth, creates a space for every woman and child (yes, children are welcome, too!) to teach, guide and learn from their fellow sisters in nourishing and transformative ways.

Honestly, to be surrounded with some of the most gifted and wise women in Hong Kong and beyond, and to learn from them in this cozy, safe, generous space… I couldn’t have dreamed up a more amazing experience. I feel so much gratitude for this truly magical co-creation. 

Take a look at the beautiful offerings that are taking place - there are so many amazing wisdomshares that I'm excited to attend this year! 

After my first Garden Gathering in March, 2017 - three days of guiding, learning, singing, meditating, dancing, stretching, journeying, and healing - I came away transformed. I had a deep desire to look every woman in the eye, connect with her, and let her know I understand, love, and accept her.

We are truly in this together!

Can you imagine if we all met each other in that way; cultivating a web of support and empowerment that builds connection and helps each other rise up?

This is it, ladies.

We are being called to heal the world with our big hearts and it starts with us coming together!

So much healing and connection happens at this event, that I want every human to experience this.

Truth is, no matter where you are on your journey, if you are called to this, you are welcome with open arms to attend, learn and explore with us – it’s open to all who identify as women everywhere.

With some of the ladies who attended my Wisdomshare at The Garden Gathering in Oct 2017

This event is truly remarkable to be a part of, and you will not only experience shifts by simply being there and taking witness to this co-creation, but you’ll walk away with friendships and connections that will continue to ripple out blessings that positively impact your soul’s journey for the rest of your life!

Tickets are on sale now and going fast, so please book in
and do everything you can to join us for this magnificent weekend.

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