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We Need Safe Spaces

We need safe spaces where we can share our fears.

We need safe spaces where our silly questions aren’t silly.

We need safe spaces where it’s completely OK that we don’t have all the answers.

We need safe spaces where it’s ok to feel like a total mess, and still feel held and seen in how strong and whole we truly are.

We need safe spaces where it’s ok to fully feel our emotions – hurt, sadness, jealousy, anger, confusion, hopelessness, frustration… even pure unadulterated joy – and feel completely accepted, loved and supported as we seek and express the truths in our hearts.

We need safe spaces to reveal the deep dark secrets that keep us up at night, and be reminded that our mistakes don’t define us.

We need safe spaces to re-learn compassion and acceptance for ourselves.

We need safe spaces to re-learn how to ask, allow and receive support from others.

We need safe spaces to remind us that we’re not alone.

We need safe spaces where we can allow our true selves to be fully seen, and – even when it feels completely scary, embarrassing, paralyzing, painful, shameful, or out of control – be reminded we are still radiant, whole, lovable, brilliant beings who are more capable and powerful than we know.

This is my commitment – to be in loving service and support, of myself and others, in this way.

Let Love Live Through You. ❤️


Originally published March 7, 2016

About the Author

Willo Sana has been empowering entrepreneurs who are standing on the precipice of their next level for over 20 years. An international keynote speaker and sought-after Transformational Business Coach, Willo's experienced and intuitive guidance has served as a catalytic force for visionary business owners around the world. Anticipation is building for Willo's upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius: Own Your Gifts, Align Your Actions, and Flourish in Your Calling, set to release in 2023.

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