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Build an Army of Engaged Subscribers with a Fun (and Ridiculously Effective) Lead Generation Quiz

I don’t know about you, but internet marketing terms like ‘opt in forms’, ‘free reports’, ‘content upgrades’ don’t exactly have me running for my laptop, jumping for joy about building my email list. They’re not that exciting to create, and they’re often not that exciting for your audience either. There are only so many ‘free PDF […]

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How to Use Empowering Language

I have a pet peeve. It’s language. Not the potty mouth kind. (I’ve been known to swear like a sailor myself!)No, it’s language that keeps you small.It’s language that you use – often to yourself about yourself – that’s full of doubt or even disdain like even you aren’t on your own side.Disempowering language that […]

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Inspirational Lifestyle Design: Willo Sana on the Misfits & Rejects Podcast

The Misfits & Rejects podcast features the inspirational lifestyle design of expatriates, travelers, entrepreneurs, and adventurers. People designing life on their own terms!  After meeting the host of the podcast, Chapin Kreuter, at a productivity sprint in Chiang Mai, he invited me to join him on an episode… and I’m so glad he did! He really got […]

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Heart-Centered Action for a Meaningful Life & Career: Willo Sana on the Live Your Heart Out Podcast

I was thrilled to join my friend Conni Biesalski on her podcast, Live Your Heart Out, where she deep dives into the exploration of what it means to live a meaningful life – this woman is doing big things in the world! In this episode, we discuss my outing as an energy worker, and how I empower entrepreneurs […]

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Coaching as a Business Model: Willo Sana on the 40+ Entrepreneur Podcast

I was recently interviewed on the 40+ Entrepreneur podcast! It was great to catch up with my friend and host, Sylvia van de Logt – who is a successful online entrepreneur herself! – to talk all about Coaching as a business model.  I shared in depth how I got started in my business, and we dive into […]

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Feel the Fear & Thrive in the New Year: Willo Sana on the Girlskill Podcast

WOW, I had so much fun being interviewed on this podcast! My amazing friend Anna Rova, host of the Girlskill Podcast, was so prepared, it allowed me to share perspectives and insights I’ve never shared anywhere else! This one dives DEEP into self-discovery, connecting with your inner badass, and femininity. They sound like they don’t go […]

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