Build an Army of Engaged Subscribers with a Fun (and Ridiculously Effective) Lead Generation Quiz -

Build an Army of Engaged Subscribers with a Fun (and Ridiculously Effective) Lead Generation Quiz

I don’t know about you, but internet marketing terms like ‘opt in forms’, ‘free reports’, ‘content upgrades’ don’t exactly have me running for my laptop, jumping for joy about building my email list.

They’re not that exciting to create, and they’re often not that exciting for your audience either.

There are only so many ‘free PDF report’ banners you can ​see before they start to lose their impact.

So how do you grab your audience’s attention while offering them something different?

Lead generation quizzes!

I recently released my signature LightMap Quiz, created with Interact, and I want to take you behind the scenes to show you how I created it, as well as the real results of how successful it’s been for my business.

But first, let’s talk about why quizzes are a solid go-to strategy for lead generation in 2019.

Why Quizzes Are the Best Thing since Sliced Bread for Lead Generation

​Gone are the days of the transactional exchange; email address in - free report out. If you're going to grab your audience's attention in today's online landscape, you're going to need something a little different.

Quizzes allow you to entertain, engage, and interact with your audience in exchange for their email address. It also gives you an unprecedented opportunity for personalization, which makes quizzes incredibly effective for future conversions.

Entertain Your Visitor

I don’t care who you are and what your hobbies are - everyone loves a good quiz. EVERYONE! There’s just something about answering a bunch of questions to reveal even more about us to ourselves that gets us going. It’s something we do in our spare time for fun… which provides a tremendous opportunity to create an opt-in that your audience will actually enjoy!

There’s almost no convincing that has to be done to get someone to take a quiz. Compare that to say, a free report, which has to convince the reader that it will be both interesting and worth the users’ time.

A quiz will have your audience hooked answering questions before they even have time to think whether this is a good use of their time.

Get To Know Your New Subscriber

Certain quiz builders allow you to get incredible subscriber insights. With Interact, you can tag new subscribers on your email list based on their results, and even individual answers. This allows you to send specific emails to certain segments of your audience.

An example would be asking what industry your quiz taker is in, and then sending say architecture specific emails to those who selected ‘Architecture’ as their industry. This allows you to curate the content you send, only sending relevant information to interested subscribers.

With Interact, you can also export a spreadsheet of each user’s answers. This is incredibly useful for anyone with a sales process, such as consultants, coaches, real estate agents, or anyone with high-ticket offerings.

Bottom line is the more you know about your lead, the better equipped you are to understand their position, motivations, and emotions. All this information helps you create an offer that’s relevant and appealing to that lead. Win win!

Time saver bonus: The quiz also allows you to automatically quantify your leads as suitable or not suitable (qualified or not) for your products or services. You can automate the follow up of both groups, nurturing suitable leads towards the best offer for them, and redirecting the non-suitable leads to other helpful resources.

Note: Be sure to use Interact’s GDPR compliance tools to make sure you’re not breaking any privacy laws!

An Offer Your Visitors Can’t Say No To

The third reason quizzes are a great tool for lead generation is because, when created correctly, they can offer unprecedented conversion rates.


They’re fun, so more people interact, but there’s also a clever little thing called an ‘opt-in gate’ that you can use to ensure you get an email address from your quiz taker.

An opt-in gate is simply a screen before the results page that asks users to enter their email address to get their results.

Because the user has already dedicated so much time to the quiz, these opt-in gates are very effective.

No one wants to abandon their results right at the end when they’re so close to getting them.

If this feels a bit too much for you, you can always make the opt-in gate optional, and instead offer them an results-specific opt-in offer on their results page. For example, if their result is ‘Introverted Personality’, offer them a report on Socializing for Introverts.

While not as effective as the Opt-In Gate, it offers a very personalized offer which will naturally convert higher than a generic offer.

Creating an Effective Lead Generation Quiz

While creating your lead generation quiz is quite easy with Interact, it’s definitely a process, depending on the complexity of your subject.

It was important to us that the LightMap Quiz was both detailed, yet simple… and most importantly as accurate as possible. This took several meetings with my (amazing) Marketing Manager for us to go through all the options and make sure they were guiding people through to the correct answer.

But, don’t worry… I’m going to go through it all here step-by-step so you know exactly what’s involved, and you can follow along as you create your own.

Here’s an outline of the whole system, from traffic generation to the follow up sequence a new subscriber receives.

The Structure of Your Quiz

Every good quiz needs a basic structure first. Interact has templates you can use, but for the LightMap Quiz we built it from scratch.

​Interact's pre-built templates for quick quiz creation.

If you’re going custom, the easiest way to put your quiz together is to first identify your results.

Since I’m a Transformational Business Coach for Visionary Entrepreneurs, my LightMap Quiz results are designed to help the quiz taker discover which business stage their in right now (Creation, Foundation, Momentum, etc.), in order to give them specific guidance on their next steps.

So, for yours, you’ll want to create whatever is relevant to your target market and business offerings. You can even create a scored quiz which gives a result based on the number of correct answers.

The next step is to identify the questions you need to ask to determine each result. A pro-tip is to use a free flowchart tool called - available for free within Google Drive - to plan out the structure of your quiz. It can be found by clicking ‘New’ within your Google Drive, selecting ‘More’ in the drop down and selecting Diagrams.

Here’s what the Lightmap Quiz looked like in the planning stages in

Now don’t let this beast of a diagram intimidate you.

I was determined to make the most comprehensive quiz possible for LightMap, but yours does not need to be anywhere near as complicated. 

​Let’s zoom in so you can get an idea of how to create your questions.

​Click to enlarge

I used squares to represent the questions, and the triangle tipped boxes to represent the possible answers.

As you can see, each answer leads to different questions. This creates ‘branches,’ e.g. alternate routes the quiz can take based on each answer.

A simpler way to do a quiz like this would be to ​assign each ​answer a result. At the end, the software will tally up how many points for each result the user got and assign a final ​outcome.

These quizzes can be as simple or as complex as you want.

One of the main reasons I went with Interact to create my quiz was the endless options around scoring and assigning results, ensuring the most accurate outcome results possible.

I used a combination of branches and answer-based result points to assign my results.

Creating Your Quiz in Interact

Once you have your quiz flow and structure clarified, you can start creating the quiz within the Interact software.

To begin, choose the quiz type and add the results. Here’s what ours looks like.

You can then choose what happens when they are assigned one of these results. Either send them to a built-in results page or redirect them to a URL. I’ll show you later what options you have for your results pages.

Once your results are specified in Interact, you can start adding your questions for the quiz.

If you pre-planned everything in, get your copy/paste on for some quick quiz building!

Here’s what the question editor looks like.

If you are assigning results points based on answers, here you can ​specify which answer correlates with which result by clicking the ‘Edit Result Correlations’ button.

You’ll see here that when a quiz taker answers “Yes, I have my offers and pricing in place”, they get one point for Foundation.

You can assign each answer a result, or leave non-relevant answers un-assigned.

Once you have all your questions in place, you can leave your quiz as is, in sequential order, and it will assign ​final outcome based on the ​re​sult with the most points. Or, if you have a slightly more complex quiz with branching logic (like we did on the LightMap Quiz), an extra step is required to create the branching logic and tell the software which questions to ask based on the answer to the previous question.

In the side menu of the quiz builder, turn ‘Branching Logic’ on. Then click ‘Edit’ to create the structure of the quiz. You will be taken to the Branching Logic Editor.

Behold! (Can you tell we had to put some major thought into this?)

From here you can drag each question into the editor then choose which question each answer leads to next. This may look really complicated, but trust me it’s not! Especially if you’ve planned it all out beforehand.

From here you can choose to assign a result based on the quiz taker ending up down a specific branch, and/or answering a specific question. In the screenshot below, you can see we have done this for the results on the left. Based on how they answer that last question in the branch on the left, they’ll be assigned either the ‘Creation’ result or the ‘Ideas’ result.

The other option is to have the software calculate the result based on a series of answers. For example, if they chose answer ‘X’ they would get one point for the ‘Creation’ result. If they answered ‘Y’ to the same question they would get one point towards the ‘Foundation’ result.

You can do this throughout an entire branch of questions, then Interact will add up how many points there are for each possible result and assign a final result based the highest tally.

If the quiz taker has 7 points for ‘Creation’ and only 2 points for ‘Foundation’, they will be assigned the ‘Creation’ result.

You can see I used this type of result calculation on the right branch in the screenshot below (the orange box saying ‘Based on Correlations’).

​I used a mixture of both methods to assign the final results.

AGAIN: This is level 10 complex. My recommendation for your first quiz is just to choose one of the pre-built templates offered by Interact and customize it to suit your needs.

​Get Those Emails

This is where your massive opportunity for getting leads comes in.

When you are setting up your quiz, you can choose to set up your opt-in form. This is fully customizable so you can add whatever Call To Action (CTA) you want. The classic CTA is ​'Enter your email address to get your results emailed to you', but you can spice it up with a bonus or some sort of extra download offering.

Once you integrate your email service provider with Interact (we use Convertkit!), you can choose which email list your new email subscriber gets added to based on their respective results. 

For the LightMap Quiz, I also created tags specific to each result, which then subscribes them to a custom three-part email sequence/video series with valuable information specific ​to the stage they’re in.

​​Have You Always Dreamed of Going Viral?

What better way to get the most amount of views possible on your quiz than to have your target market share it with their friends (who are most likely also in your target market too!).

Once quiz takers have entered their email addresses they are redirected to a GoViral share page. We implemented this, and I love that it gives me a chance to give quiz takers yet another super high value piece of content for participating!

With GoViral, quiz takers are offered a Bonus LightMap Guidebook if they share the quiz on Facebook. This is optional (they’ve already received the results and there is a small ‘No thanks’ link under the button), but this a great way to give a little more and get a little more traction.

Who knows, your quiz may even really & truly go viral! 😉

Follow Up Series

Once a quiz taker enters their email address, they receive an email immediately after with their results. We set this up through the forms and tags we connected with our email marketing platform​. Interact walks you through how to do this with your specific email marketing platform.

This also includes a video and link to a full results landing page. Below is a sneak peak at the start of one of the detailed results pages.

After the initial results email, I drip feed the subscriber a three-part video series. The purpose of this is to build a relationship with the new subscriber by providing them massive value. My three-part series gives them the exact steps they need to take in their current LightMap stage, in order to progress to the next level.

​This warms the lead up for the offer I give at the end of the video series.

Depending on the lead’s result, I offer them a clarity call, VIP coaching, or simply more resources if they aren’t a suitable lead.

I’ve found this to be tricky, because while I usually work with more advanced entrepreneurs (vs newbies who are just starting out)… an experienced business owner may be in the Idea stage for new business. I’d love to work with them, because they already know business basics and have made money online before… but their results may come up as Idea stage. I need to work on this.

This sort of follow-up series is great because the subscriber is already engaged. They are extremely likely to open your first email with the result in it, which gets them used to opening emails from you… especially when they get the experience of them being so relevant and high value. This also helps you sort leads and convert a cold lead to a warm lead on autopilot.

The Tech-STack

As you know, I'm a huge fan of tech systems. So, as a re-cap, here's the complete list of what you'll need to put this kind of opt-in quiz together:

REAL World Results

Ok, so this all looks pretty fancy, but does it actually work?

I launched the LightMap Quiz on the 28th of May 2019.

Quiz Conversions

​​​I started with quite a slow launch to have space to test the whole system as it was going up. I advertised the quiz both to my list and my social accounts. My designer even created these super fun and sharable social graphics to promote the quiz.

Of the 126 people who have taken the quiz so far, 61 got to the opt in gate, 58 entered their email for their results and 15 shared the quiz on social to unlock the bonus.

Again, this is with NO TRAFFIC driven to the quiz besides a few native posts on my social accounts.

So far the quiz has generated 58 leads from the 274 people who ended up on the quiz page. In percentages, the quiz has a 22% conversion rate.

Even better is of the 61 people who finished the quiz, 58 people entered their email addresses.

​That's a 95% conversion rate on the opt-in page!

Also of the 58 people who saw the GoViral share offer, 15 people shared. That's 25%, which is pretty impressive considering we are asking them to post on their personal network of family and friends. 

​Audience Insights

Not only has the quiz provided great conversions, I now have a ton of invaluable information on my audience. For example 24.6% are in the Momentum stage of their business, 41% in Foundation.

I also have access to very in depth information, such as 48% of the people who were asked how far along in their new businesses they were felt like they were still trying to figure out their packages.

With these insights, I also know which questions cause the most drop off during the quiz.


The drop off rate of those who see the quiz page vs. those who actually start the quiz is over 50%. For this reason, I want to test adding a splash page to explain what the visitor will actually get from taking the quiz. A splash page is a mini landing page you can add to the beginning of your quiz to intro it.

​So what are you waiting for? Start building your lead generation quiz. They're not only fun for your audience to take... they're also pretty fun to create, too! 

About the Author

Willo Sana has been empowering entrepreneurs who are standing on the precipice of their next level for over 20 years. An international keynote speaker and sought-after Transformational Business Coach, Willo's experienced and intuitive guidance has served as a catalytic force for visionary business owners around the world. Anticipation is building for Willo's upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius: Own Your Gifts, Align Your Actions, and Flourish in Your Calling, set to release in 2023.