Identity Death & Awakening on the Spiritual Path of Entrepreneurship: Willo Sana on the Misfits & Rejects Podcast -

Identity Death & Awakening on the Spiritual Path of Entrepreneurship: Willo Sana on the Misfits & Rejects Podcast

Have you ever had a dark night of the soul? A spiritual awakening that left you completely raw & naked... feeling alone, like nobody else could understand what you're going through? 

I heard my friend Chapin share that he had an experience like this recently, and I knew we needed to talk. 

Not only have I helped countless clients & friends through massive shifts and awakenings like this... but I've been through it MANY times over myself! 

Chapin & I dove right in & talked about:

  • How to follow your intuition to grow your business
  • Ego-death, Identity-death, and why my work is body-centered
  • My story about how Being Called to Be a Clear Channel (stopping drinking) was a massive spiritual awakening for me - listen to this podcast episode
  • My 4 core practices for staying aligned & alive!

  • A Shadow Work exercise I do with my clients 
  • Living my sweet "freedom life" in Playa del Carmen  
  • My most recent identity death - taking off the masks 
  • When we're being called to something greater
  • How to listen, align, and follow our guidance (psstt... Take the Alignment Quiz!)

"I've been diving into a 'next level layer' myself, and a LOT of people are experiencing this shift right now. 

The invitation is to take off the masks, and let go of the parts & personas that are no longer serving us. 

This is identity death. This is the evolutionary path."
-Willo Sana

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"I've always helped people get into heart-centered action. So, I have a little mini-offering coming up called Prolific Creator, and it's all about helping you take action and create the thing! For example: Do you have a book that you have been meaning to start (or finish), or a podcast or e-course you've been wanting to create? 

Because when we are creative and we DON'T actually *do* these things - these callings that live within us - they actually start to form as GRIEF in our body.

And this grief, Chapin, this is exactly what you're speaking about... When you start feeling that negativity, or that "trigger",
 or that depression... it's like some part of your soul and your spirit is not actually getting EXPRESSED.

It's sending you messages and wanting you to do these things, but there's some part of you that hasn't acted on those, and so it starts to feel depressing in your body.

-Willo Sana

This was the second time Chapin had me on his podcast; the first time was in 2019, and he did an awesome job of pulling out my origin story! Listen to our first episode together here

Thanks for having me on the Misfits & Rejects podcast again, Chapin! Always a pleasure & I am wishing you all the very best on your evolutionary path. 

About the Author

Willo Sana has been empowering entrepreneurs who are standing on the precipice of their next level for over 20 years. An international keynote speaker and sought-after Transformational Business Coach, Willo's experienced and intuitive guidance has served as a catalytic force for visionary business owners around the world. Anticipation is building for Willo's upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius: Own Your Gifts, Align Your Actions, and Flourish in Your Calling, set to release in 2023.