All about my name changefrom Willo O'Brien to Willo Sana -

All about my name change
from Willo O’Brien to Willo Sana

Have you noticed I’m going by a new last name now? No, I didn’t get married…

I’ve actually been wanting to change my last name for a LONG time. So, I am over the moon to declare I have found my new surname and to be making it official!

Watch this video to learn all about why I’m changing my last name from O’Brien and hear how I landed on Sana… including what it means!

If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch it on YouTube or on Facebook, where I originally recorded it LIVE! (Lots of sweet comments on there!)

I was surprised with how vulnerable it felt to share about this publicly. It’s been a long time coming, and this change feels SO good – full body YES! – I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy in celebration for this glorious renunciation and proclamation!!

Thank you for celebrating with me.

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