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Happy New Year! Celebrating a Monumentus 2013

Hello, my friends! Wowza has it been a jam-packed-with-awesome last few months. I’m delighted to share my coaching/consulting business has been soaring, and along getting started with new clients, launching/running my Harvest & Thrive course, I’ve even been able to hire a small team! Huzzah! Big stuff. May you be filled with love, laughter & joy! I […]

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1 Clarity & Intention

Today, looking in the mirror, splashing cool water on my face, I thought how everything really comes down to clarity and intention. This summer I’ve been peeling back the layers. Determined to see, like a tired child propping eyelids open with toothpicks to stay awake. But there’s no sleepiness in my hunt. Instead I’m like […]

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There is great wisdom in not knowing

  I’ll never forget celebrating my 23rd birthday, and feeling like I was completely starting over and knew nothing. I certainly wasn’t starting over, as at the time I was living in a great flat, in my first stable salary job, and was working with masters, like SARK, Shakti Gawain & Dan Millman. And while one can […]

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the little boat in my heart

I wrote this piece during Wild Writing today; a writing group I have been a part of every Monday (minus a few weeks here & there) since September 2012. Every week Laurie reads us a poem, and we get a few lines to jump off from… and then we fast & furiously free-write. Here’s one […]

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Start a huge, foolish project

Written at Wild Writing last Monday, prior to launching my latest offering: Skydiving: Gathering the Courage to Take the Big Jump “Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.” ― Rumi Spill out. Recklessly spill and make a delightful mess of it. Like a Ouija board stirring the spirits. […]

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My Fierce Declaration

This is not about working hard. More importantly, this is not about listening to the f*cking brutal voice in my head that insists I’m not working hard enough or fast enough, and that it’s all my fault. To that voice today, I say: f*ck you. I’m onto you. And guess what: this life? This life […]

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