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Email Overwhelm: Willo O’Brien on the Wellpreneur Podcast

I was recently interviewed on The Wellpreneur Podcast to discuss a common challenge I see so many entrepreneurs face: Email Overwhelm (dun dun dun!) Focus and attention is at a premium these days, so it’s crucial we’re aware of how we’re managing (or consciously not micro-managing) our work and personal email. At a deeper level, […]

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The Importance of Making Conscious Choices in Business
(Especially Important for Creative Entrepreneurs)

As a creative entrepreneur who feels a deep connection to their calling in life and in business (let’s be honest, sometimes the two are so tightly intertwined, you can hardly tell them apart), do you struggle with simply knowing when to say “yes”, and when to say “no”? With a to-do list that is overflowing […]

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18 Facebook Like Button: z-index issue

Have you installed a Facebook Like button on your site, but are having a problem with the comment box showing up underneath other content on the page? Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: I couldn’t figure out how to fix it for the life of me. I tried changing the z-index on everything […]

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3 Twitter Pro Tip

I’m a huge fan of Twitter. I’ve been on since 2006 (account #419, baby!*), all of my friends are on Twitter, and over the years I’ve cultivated so many great new friendships with awesome people around the world. It’s truly my community, and I love it! Note: This is an old screenshot. I’m now @WilloLovesYou […]

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The Oatmeal; This man is genius.

Matthew Inman is the brilliant creator of The Oatmeal. Without him, “super-comma” semicolons everywhere would be misused, mistreated; and misunderstood. He has tons of creative lists, witty explanations; and clever quizzes. If you’re curious about how many tapeworms could live in your stomach or if you need to know how to use a semicolon, The […]

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12 my favorite iPhone4 apps

Seriously, I’m in love with this phone (let alone the camera :). It’s amazing! Granted, I upgraded from a 3G, so on performance alone I was bound to be bowled over, but WOW. It’s a life changer, I’m telling you! 🙂 Anyway, recently a friend put a call out for a list of recommended starter […]

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4 goodreads

I really love using Goodreads, and I just noticed they have these cool widgets to display your books. Pretty cool. In the past I’ve blogged about the books I’ve read, and listed my most recommended books in my custom Amazon Store, but now I really only use Goodreads to manage/record/share this information. I’ve actually liked […]

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3 My Favorite Firefox Add-Ons

Perusing an article on Mashable today, I ran across their poll, What’s Your Favorite Firefox Extension?, but I was surprised to see that hardly any of my favorites were on their list, or in the reader’s comments. So, while I left my favs in a comment on there, I thought I’d also post about them […]

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