Email Overwhelm: Willo O’Brien on the Wellpreneur Podcast -

Email Overwhelm: Willo O’Brien on the Wellpreneur Podcast

I was recently interviewed on The Wellpreneur Podcast to discuss a common challenge I see so many entrepreneurs face: Email Overwhelm (dun dun dun!)

Focus and attention is at a premium these days, so it’s crucial we’re aware of how we’re managing (or consciously not micro-managing) our work and personal email. At a deeper level, this is all about Energy Management.

How might your systems be draining (vs preserving and supporting) your Mental, Emotional, and Physical energy?

As the founder of the Wellpreneur podcast and author of the book, Wellpreneur: The Ultimate Guide for Wellness Entrepreneurs to Nail Your Niche and Find Clients Online, my friend Amanda Cook knows her stuff. Between the two of us – experienced online entrepreneurs, high-level coaches/consultants, and self-declared systems geeks – this episode packs a wallop!

Not only will you get some incredibly awesome process and tool recommendations, but the real juice is in what we share around mindset. Ultimately it’s the relationship between you and your email – your own boundaries and how you value your own time & energy – that cause a lot of the challenges.

We talk about…

  • what helped us take the pressure off (hint: getting to inbox zero shouldn’t be your top priority)
  • strategies for email management, in particular with how to manage all your many subscriptions to other lists, etc
  • how to create structure for the different roles in your business (e.g. bookkeeping, support, etc)
  • how to prepare and manage outsourcing your inbox to an assistant
  • incredibly insightful tools, tips and tricks (links are listed below!)

Listen to this episode with me and Amanda, and get ready to have email feel easy again!

A few of my favorite Gmail/Email/Productivity Apps

p.s. This is the second Wellpreneur episode I’ve been on. Here’s a link to the first one. I absolutely love chatting conscious business with Amanda!

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Willo Sana has been empowering entrepreneurs who are standing on the precipice of their next level for over 20 years. An international keynote speaker and sought-after Transformational Business Coach, Willo's experienced and intuitive guidance has served as a catalytic force for visionary business owners around the world. Anticipation is building for Willo's upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius: Own Your Gifts, Align Your Actions, and Flourish in Your Calling, set to release in 2023.

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