Great to see GaryVee again at the Crushlabs Vayniacs Tasting! -

Great to see GaryVee again at the Crushlabs Vayniacs Tasting!

I first met Gary Vaynerchuk over dinner in Vegas (November, 2007)…

I was in town with a bunch of friends, showing my WilloToons line at the BlogWorldExpo, and my friend Alex Hillman & I went out for dinner. He invited his friend Gary along, who happened to also be in town. Fine by me! Turned out this guy Gary knew quite a bit of about wine… he’s the founder of WineLibraryTV! Needless to say, we enjoyed a very nice bottle and had great conversation over an amazing 5-star meal at the Wynn.

We then proceeded to rock Vegas as one does when in Vegas!

Recently Gary & his crew cruised through SF, holding a Vayniacs Tasting event at Crushlab. A whole crew of us went and had such a blast!

me, gary, kyle & aubs @ crushlab

I had told Gary about my t-shirt line at dinner in Vegas, so it was fun to give him one in person!

This one seemed appropriate, given his rising fame…

don't you know who gary is?

Gary Vaynerchuck with his new WilloToons “don’t you know who I am?’ tee.

UPDATE: It’s been so awesome to see @GaryVee explode lately! I wrote this post a long time ago, but we had many more fun times. Many in in Austin for SxSW…

And again when he cruised back through SF for more tastings and events, like this one:

I’ve loved keeping in touch with Gary over the years, thanks to the internet!

Being the sweetie that he is, he’d even send me sweet hello’s on Twitter every once & awhile. 🙂

We almost got to see each other in Oslo, Norway in 2013, but he ended up Skyping in for his keynote:


Guess you can do that when you’re Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk!

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