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I am completely thrilled and honored to report that I will be joining a handful of other amazing ladies for this year’s Mighty Summit! It’s next weekend up in Guerneville, CA (my 3rd time up there this summer – lucky me!) and I’m SO incredibly excited about all the fun things we’ll be doing, and all the fabulous ladies I’ll be meeting!

If any of you know the word *Mighty* like I do, it basically sums up the fabulous Maggie Mason, aka Mighty Girl and the creator of Mighty Events, Mighty Goods, Mighty Junior and Mighty Haus, just to name a few. She’s also pioneered a huge movement around creating a Mighty Life List: 100 things you want to do before you die.

I’ve had a list rolling around in my head for years, but only got serious about writing them down this year. With Mighty Summit, it’s essentially required, so that really got my butt in gear! 🙂 It’s nowhere near the full 100 things yet, but here it is:

My Mighty Life List: Things I want to do before I go
Last updated 10/23/13

  • be debt free & flourishing
  • get a new car (not brand new, but only 1-3 yrs old, vs. 10)
  • get a completely new bed (mattress/frame) and all new linens
  • fall in love again
  • get married to my love & have a fabulous wedding,
    celebrating with & being surrounded by everyone we love!
  • write and publish a book (non-fiction)
  • write & illustrate a children’s book
  • do editorial illustrations for a magazine
    – technically I’ve done editorial illustrations for websites & blogs
    – not exactly any of the above, BUT my illustration was published in a cool coloring book!
  • hold a creative retreat (update: 2013 – this is in the works!)
  • speak to audience of 500+ (again) and rock it
  • speak at TED
  • be featured on the cover of a magazine (about me, my work, creativity, my message)
  • be featured in 7×7 (celebrating awesomeness, see points above)
  • have an inspiring office/art studio outside of my house, shared with creative, fun, nurturing, inspiring friendsmoved in January, 2013!
  • take the Hendrick’s Foundation Seminar, Conscious Living 5-Day Advanced Training – happened in February, 2013!
  • go through the Hendrick’s Leadership and Transformation Program
  • create/illustrate an iphone/ipad app
  • get really good at making fresh salsa
  • go to Yosemite
  • go to Vancouver
  • go to the Grand Canyon
  • go to Greece
  • go to Brazil
  • go to Tokyo
  • go to Thailand
  • go on a Safari in Africa
  • see an aurora borealis
  • have a romantic weekend in Paris
  • go on a shopping spree in New York City
  • dive Turks & Caicos
  • dive the Great Barrier Reef
  • go skydiving
  • go on a yoga retreat
  • take a painting class – took an acrylics painting class from Mati! Now I want to do a watercolor class.
  • take a writing classstarted taking Wild Writing in Nov. 2012!
  • take a pottery class & have my illustrations on pottery
  • take singing lessons
  • grow wheatgrass
  • own a really nice DLSLR camera
  • have my own gallery show
  • catch up on all the wedding gifts I’ve yet to give – finally did this in 2012!
  • stomp grapes
  • fly first class
  • put together my own baby book/photo album (I never had one of me)
  • go horseback riding on the beach

  • take my mom on a european vacation
  • go visit my grandma in Colorado Springs
  • have a different home and/or live somewhere else for a portion of the year
  • own a home
  • have a big living room with a big, comfy sectional couch
  • have a large walk-in closet
  • have a dual or triple head shower
  • make 500K+/year
  • get massages on a monthly basis for a year
  • shop at Rainbow Grocery or Whole Food Grocery without looking at the prices

I will update this as more come to mind, which – after reading, meeting and dreaming big with all the other ladies at the Summit – no doubt I’ll have a few to add!

Doing this was so fun. I’m sure there are things on my list you have already done, right? As I was going through other lists, I also couldn’t help but revel in some of the awesome things I’ve already done. Too many to name, obviously, but some big ones are: learn to play the drums, swim with dolphins, bungee jump (from a hot air balloon!), become a certified scuba diver, have my own kitty, create my own product line with my illustrations and designs on them, travel to Spain, London, Prague, Berlin, Toronto (many more, but those are the big’n’s), make six figures, fall in love, start a video series, and more recently, everything on this list.

What’s on your life list?

UPDATE: I wrote a post documenting all the awesomeness that went down!
Check it: My weekend at the mighty Mighty Summit! – photos, links & more! So fun.

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kristen howerton - September 12, 2011 Reply

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Justice Fergie - September 13, 2011 Reply

I’m so excited too and can’t wait to meet you.

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