Yes, I’d love to be on your Podcast! - Willo Sana,

Yes, I’d love to be on your Podcast!

Hello there! 

Are you looking for a dynamic, experienced, well-spoken guest for your show?

If your audience is made up of business owners & creatives who love receiving inspiring, practical, heart-centered guidance on the entrepreneurial path... I'd love to contribute my energy, wisdom, and 20+ years of experience growing businesses online.

Let's talk! 

Hi there! I'm Willo Sana of

Keynote Speaker, Author, & Business Coach

You can  learn more about me here, but in short I'm a serial entrepreneur with two decades of being in business; providing emotional & strategic support to thousands of creative business owners around the world!

I'm currently doing a Podcast Tour to connect with new audiences before my new book,  Double Down on Your Genius comes out. 

I absolutely love connecting, contributing, collaborating, and co-creating, so it thrills me to have the opportunity to add value to your show! 

I'm also very active marketing on several social channels, and will happily share our episode with my communities on my blog (see examples below), InstagramFacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn 


In addition to the podcast interviews above, I have produced my own Spotlight Interview Series (video series), Wake Up with Willo (podcast series), WilloToons Connect (video series), and am also a co-founder of the epic, annual, 400+ person gathering, Yes And Yes Yes, which we produced for 5 amazing years in a row. 

I've been publishing articles & speaking on stages around the world since 2007 – empowering creative entrepreneurs in everything from online marketing, business systems and productivity, to self-care, facing your fears and following your heart anyway!


Here are a few fun facts & why your audience will love our conversation:  

  • My expertise and wisdom is a rare mix of practical & strategic business, combined with deeply spiritual & creative... which means I honor the personal growth journey inherent on this path, and help make growing businesses FUN!   
  • I've founded & co-founded over half a dozen creative businesses over the last 20 years. However, I started my first business at 18, and thus have over 25 years of marketing, sales experience; creative business collaboration, production, and management experience. 
  • I've been speaking, teaching, and consulting other Creative Entrepreneurs since 2007, and have delivered keynotes and been on stages all over the world
  • I've been an early adopter of all things digital/online.
    • I was online in 1996 & started my first website & blog before anyone even called it blogging (I was saving HTML files to my server)! 
    • I lived in San Francisco for 18 years, so many of my friends are the ones who started Blogger, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. In fact, my first Twitter profile was created one of the founders, because they are friends of mine & they knew I'd love it. @Willo - account #419 ever created on the platform! 
  • I've been on a personal/spiritual growth journey for 25+ years. I've been surrounded, mentored, and trained by some of the most prominent leaders in this field since 1999, like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, SARK, Wayne Dyer, Dan Millman, Shakti Gawain, Hal & Sidra Stone, and many more. 
  • I am a Certified Big Leap Coach through the Hendricks Institute (since 2013). Gay & Katie Hendricks are pioneers in somatic (body-centered) coaching. 
  • I lived abroad for 5 years (2014-2019), as I'm fully location independent in my business and can live and work online from anywhere in the world.  I've lived in Hong Kong, Thailand, Bali, and Mexico, and have traveled to 23+ countries total. I'm now based in Portland, OR, but still spend several months of the year in other states or countries. 
  • Following a call to become a clear channel, I stopped consuming all alcohol/drugs/coffee in Jan 2017, and it was the best decision ever! And in case you're wondering why my last name changes on the episodes above, I changed my last name - from Willo O'Brien to Willo Sana - in 2017 as well. It was a transformational year, to say the least!

Yes, I'd love to be a guest on your podcast!

Let's talk:


While it's not something we promise for every episode, I'm proud of my badass Marketing Team and our ability to help co-promote our episode. Here are some examples of how we help get the word out on social – tagging you & your business at every chance! 

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Seeking an experienced speaker for your upcoming event, workshop, or retreat? I'd be honored to speak to contribute & co-create something awesome for your audience. 

Let's Get Creative!