Big Leaps and Bold Moves Workshop -

Big Leaps and Bold Moves Workshop


This workshop is designed to support you in clearing anything that no longer serves you, so you can step into 2020 with confidence & clarity.

By now, you've probably spent a lot of time setting your goals for 2020 and have made a game plan or a vision board. That's a great start!

This workshop is all about clearing anything that might stop you and get in your way of achieving everything you want to create & cultivate in the next year of your life & business.

Inspired by the Big Leaps & Bold Moves we've made to create incredible lives full of love and adventure, and businesses that are thriving and growing, we want to help YOU:

  • Identify your learning edges and focus for 2020
  • Clarify who you need to become in order to embody and manifest your big vision
  • Surface how you're getting in your own way and the patterns that derail you
  • Get out of the hustle loop of pushing & forcing that often leads to burnout & disappointment
  • Cultivate a deep sense of self-trust to operate from a place of allowing, alignment, and surrender

Join us to dive into the Big Leaps & Bold Moves that are ready to come through you, as we walk through a powerful process of journaling inquiries, group facilitated conversations, and somatic awareness practices.

You'll walk away feeling grounded, connected, ready, capable, and UNSTOPPABLE so that next time you find yourself tsunami'd by all the fears, you can lean into your reservoir of learned tools from this workshop and step BOLDLY into your magnificent future ahead.

Space is limited to 10 women entrepreneurs, and a sacred container will be created so that we can dive deep.


Marli Williams & Willo Sana

​Marli & Willo have a combined experience of over 40 years in the realm of personal growth and business development. With their powers combined they share an innate ability to unleash and unlock human potential through unconditional love, unwavering support, and open-hearted coaching and facilitation skills. They are on a mission to help women entrepreneurs and business owners RISE into the confident and magnetic forces of nature that they are called to be through personal development workshops, retreats, and programs.

​DECEMBER 19TH, 2019

About the Author

Willo Sana has been empowering entrepreneurs who are standing on the precipice of their next level for over 20 years. An international keynote speaker and sought-after Transformational Business Coach, Willo's experienced and intuitive guidance has served as a catalytic force for visionary business owners around the world. Anticipation is building for Willo's upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius: Own Your Gifts, Align Your Actions, and Flourish in Your Calling, set to release in 2023.