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Embrace your life as ART

At the end of last year, Whitney Freya reached out and interviewed me, along with 20 other awesome artists and teachers, for her CreateYOU Telesummit. Our conversation was so incredible, we both felt like we could have talked for hours! Whitney & I both support, coach and guide artists. And while we have different styles, […]

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1 10 Reasons Why I Love Waking Up Early (and the weird fears that stop me from doing so)

Is there a pattern in your behavior that’s derailing you from experiencing the life you desire? Do you wish you were happier, more energetic & productive in your days? Here I share my own self-coaching process to help you reveal your own self-sabotaging thoughts, and integrate new, healthy habits with clarity and compassion.

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1 We were made to accomplish the easy things

There are a million little easy things that can eat up a day. This app has a number, check it. Clear it. Read it. Respond to it. Like it. Share it. Email it. Save it. Bookmark it. Make a note of it. Cross it off. Make a phonecall. Write it down. Make a mental note. Let it go. Talk it out. Pick it up. Put it away. Move it again. Water the plants. Take it off. Wave it away. Say hello. Kiss goodbye.

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You must let it find you

Stand still. Listen. Listen to the pulse of your heartbeat, even when it lives in the small of your back, your tired feet, your tight shoulders. Be still and listen. Then move slowly, in place. Breathing into the space. The stillness. Feeling the movement and stillness become one. Letting it find you. Giving way to […]

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2 Spring Cleaning… Uh, in November

Holy wow have I been doing some serious decluttering around here! Inspired by the “ReConnecting to Your Space” week we led in our ReConnect ecourse, I launched into clearing out my closets, cleaning up our garage and donating TONS, both to Arc and SCRAP. I still need to try to sell/give away/donate some of my […]

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Dry November

I’ve embarked on a self-imposed Dry November. Inspired by having lunch with a dear friend who knows she needs to get sober (quit drinking & smoking pot), I heard her listing out how her life would look once she did. She’d have more time in her day, be more focused, feel healthier and better, make […]

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