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New Course from Get Your Paint On!

My awesome friends, Mati Rose and Lisa Congdon, are about to launch a new painting e-course! This one is called Get Your Paint On: Beyond the Basics and it’s a five week course for all skill levels; it’s going to be amazing! You may recognize Mati from episode two of

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My City's Made of Toothpicks

Whoa, I love seeing my city made out of unlikely materials! One of my favorites is Liz Hickock’s Jello San Francisco from 2006: And then, back in 2008, The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco hosted this sculpture of the city made by Zhan Wang out of kitchenware: But move over jello and silverware… recently, […]

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The Season of the Sunflower, Anthony Holdsworth

Whoa, check this out! Anthony Holdsworth is a local San Francisco artist, with a major desire to promote sustainability. One of his most recent works is called Season of the Sunflower. Every single day for 5 1/2 months, he went outside to his garden to paint the growth of a sunflower plant. Talk about dedication! […]

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The Artistic Process: A Labor of Love

Steven Holmes is local multimedia artist, who has mad skills in videography, editing and photography. Steve’s been a online friend for a while, who I think I initially connected with on Twitter, but then eventually became Facebook pals, and just recently we crossed into being real-live-in-person friends! I love when the internets open the door to […]

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Bamboozled: Creative Writing Exercise

For the last 9.5 years, I’ve worked with an amazing group of teen writers every single Wednesday. I love it. A few times a month we have writing exercises during our meeting, and occasionally I join in and try my hand in writing fiction… something I don’t do very often at all. Tonight we all decided […]

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1 Sewing a simple Kindle Cover

Yesterday I had my friend Karrie over for an afternoon of crafting. Karrie did some collage-cutting, and on my agenda: Sew myself a new cover for the new Kindle I got for Christmas (thanks, Mom)! I decided the easiest way to do it was sew it up sandwich-bag style, so it’s all in one piece, […]

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1 robbers get crafty

Apparently ski masks are too expensive… but hey, grab a sharpie and you can just give yourself a black facemask that way! On the left we have batman, and on the right, please notice his awesome little cheek star. How crafty! I totally wouldn’t be able to pick them out of a lineup. 😉 Full […]

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fantastic short film

So worth watching… this is really, really well done! Also, be sure to hit the little arrows to watch it full screen. Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo. Via – Great short film. limited release online, watch it while you still can

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