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Daring Adventures in Creative Biz: Mati Rose Interviews Willo

I was honored to contribute to Mati's Daring Adventures in Creative Biz ecourse last year! I had just arrived in Hong Kong, glowing and beaming with love and light. I'm thrilled that she's allowed me to share this with all of you now.

Here's Mati's sweet introduction:

"I met Willo years ago while selling my wares at Renegade Craft Fair and was blown over by her enthusiasm and warmth. Shortly after we connected at a talk by Brené Brown, and realized that we were neighbors! That year we formed a Creative Biz group called LIDL (Ladies Independent Design League), where we'd meet every Monday morning at the Peet's coffee in the Ferry Building in SF for Creative Biz accountability alongside other creatives. We took many hikes up our neighboring Bernal Hill, hashing out all of the juicy details in our lives and challenges in our businesses. These conversations led us to co-create our ecourse, ReConnect, on Getting Unstuck & Finding Your Magic. I have immense admiration and gratitude for this lady in my life and witnessing the amazing journey she's on by saying YES!"

Here are the links mentioned in this interview:

What are your big take-aways from this interview?
Anything bubbling to the surface around clarity, finding your passion and saying YES?

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Willo Sana is an international keynote speaker, a sought-after Transformational Business Coach, and intuitive strategist whose work empowers visionary entrepreneurs around the world to own their gifts, align their actions, and flourish in their calling. As a serial entrepreneur, Willo has founded several creative businesses over the last 18+ years. Her upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius, will be released in 2022. Enjoy more of Willo's articles, videos, and interviews here →

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