The Joy of Work: What's your Guiding Compass? -

The Joy of Work: What’s your Guiding Compass?

Do what you love + Do what comes easily to you + Get paid well for it = SWEET SPOT!

It continually amazes me to see how I’ve been able to transform the clients I was attracting into exactly the kind of clients I want to have AND be doing the work I’m passionate about.

I often describe my Coaching & Creative Business Consulting as the intersection where ‘Art meets Business meets Tech’. Given my experience as an artist myself – as well as my background in tech and entrepreneurship – I love empowering creative small business owners with the systems and structure to optimize and catalyze success.    

Have you found your Sweet Spot?

What lights you up? What are you doing now that’s not really your strength, or you don’t enjoy doing. Are you feeling frustrated, stuck, or simply craving more in your life/business? What’s missing?

Guiding Compass blank venn diagram

The venn diagram above may not even be the exact cross-section that drives you. What’s your guiding compass?

I’ve created a venn diagram for you to download/print and create your unique map to your sweet spot. This could be for your life, love, health or business! You can also create sweet venn diagrams online using Lucidchart. When you do, I’d love for you to share them with me. Post them on Twitter or Instagram and tag me @WilloLovesYou, so I can see!

Making it happen

Most likely if you’re reading this you already have a pretty good idea about this, but sometimes we need support in helping untangle old patterns, or simply to have someone outside of ourselves with the experience and know-how to help us take it to the next level. This is exactly what I do with my clients.

All of these have my ethos of Creative Sustainability threaded through, too, staying conscious of the integrity around your vision and self-care.

Life is too short, and you’re too awesome
to not be truly happy, healthy & doing what you love!

Would you like support in clarifying the vision for your business or new product? Are you ready to take your life & business to the next level? Let me know where you’re at and let’s talk!

About the Author

Willo Sana has been empowering entrepreneurs who are standing on the precipice of their next level for over 20 years. An international keynote speaker and sought-after Transformational Business Coach, Willo's experienced and intuitive guidance has served as a catalytic force for visionary business owners around the world. Anticipation is building for Willo's upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius: Own Your Gifts, Align Your Actions, and Flourish in Your Calling, set to release in 2023.

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Priit Kallas - August 1, 2013 Reply

Thanks for the compass. I’m trying to figure out what to do next and this helps to structure my thinking and see things more clearly.

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