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2 What’s Your Compassionate Anger?

We’ve all heard “follow your passion” or the quest to “get paid to do what you love,” but the intrinsic problem within these simple statements is they are a little one-sided; as if your business is solely about you feeling totally blissed out with the work you’re doing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally […]

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Embrace your life as ART

At the end of last year, Whitney Freya reached out and interviewed me, along with 20 other awesome artists and teachers, for her CreateYOU Telesummit. Our conversation was so incredible, we both felt like we could have talked for hours! Whitney & I both support, coach and guide artists. And while we have different styles, […]

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My Fierce Declaration

This is not about working hard. More importantly, this is not about listening to the f*cking brutal voice in my head that insists I’m not working hard enough or fast enough, and that it’s all my fault. To that voice today, I say: f*ck you. I’m onto you. And guess what: this life? This life […]

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3 Write, Write, Write

This month I’m doing NaNoWriMo, which is a worldwide event that propels over 230,000 people to attempt 50,000 words in the month of November. Usually in the form of a novel, hence the name – National Novel Writing Month – but it takes many forms: screenplays, non-fiction, etc. I’ve taken this challenge on simply as […]

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I'm Presenting Two HOW DesignCasts!

In addition to¬†be speaking at the¬†HOW Design Conference¬†in Boston this June.¬†I am also leading two hour-long online DesignCast webinars aimed at guiding and helping creatives and designers. My first DesignCast is¬†Twitter for Creative Entrepreneurs, where I will show creative professionals ways to leverage their followers to their professional advantage. I will share tactics for engagement […]

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Hello Soul: Hello Marketing with Authenticity

I know many creative entrepreneurs who are so fabulous at what they do, and more than anything I love hearing stories of success and expansion. That said, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with your business, especially if your specific talent is the lifeblood. There’s only one of you! The accomplished¬†Kelly Rae Roberts¬†and¬†Beth […]

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The Art of Earning LIVE with Tara Gentile

Do you know who¬†Tara Gentile is? If you are a small business owner or creative¬†entrepreneur¬†looking to amp up the¬†volume¬†on your business, you definitely need to¬†know who¬†Tara Gentile is. Tara is a crazy-good business coach and thought leader who empowers passion-driven entrepreneurs to find their place in business. Through bringing creative planning to branding, product development, […]

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Acting on the whisper

Hello, dear blog readers! I haven’t been writing as much these last few weeks, because I’ve had my head down working on some awesome client projects. I doubt many of you noticed, but one thing’s for sure: I’ve missed it. Writing for me is so cathartic, and this year there’s something within me absolutely *yearning* […]

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