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Spotlight Interview with Rachael Webb

Welcome to the sixth segment of Spotlight – a series where I sit down with brilliant, purpose-driven entrepreneurs (many of whom I have the honor of working with!) and we pull back the curtain for some serious REALTALK about what it takes to follow your heart and birth your big ideas. Are you ready for this?

Meet Rachael

This segment I am shining the spotlight on Rachael Webb, who radiates positivity and love in everything she does and who I had the pleasure of working with in my small group coaching program back in 2015.

As you’ll hear in our conversation, Rachael’s work has evolved a lot since we began! This woman has been on her path for a long time, but we worked together at a very pivotal time, and she has truly transformed! She even moved from San Francisco to Maui, and now works with business owners all over the world as a spiritual business advisor and mentor through her business

It was an honor to be by Rachael’s side as she stepped into her calling to serve a larger audience and move her entire business online. Like many of you, you know… it’s not always easy! From co-creating and holding space for her visionary ideas to supporting her in the wee hours through massive online launches, I saw Rachael’s transformation as she went through the entire rollercoaster process of birthing her big idea. Through this, she stepped even further into her magic and has grown an amazing #MagicTribe community on Instagram and Facebook!

Watch this Spotlight episode to meet Rachael, and hear how she stepped out of the spiritual closet, fully embraced her calling, and has created a thriving spiritual business!

Key takeaways from this conversation?

In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • The unique magic that Rachael brings to the world & her clients. [0:54]
  • What called Rachael to seek the support of a coach. [4:24]
  • How to shift from an in-person practice to serving a greater audience online. [13:20]
  • The feeling of not being seen when transitioning into a new calling. [20:03]
  • Coming out of the spiritual closet and honoring your path. [22:14]
  • Using Instagram to find your people & create a community. [25:50]
  • The importance of being of service and embedding yourself in a local community. [32:49]
  • Coming into alignment in your life to magnetizing the people & things that support you. [39:25]
  • How empowering it is to work with a heart-centered business coach. [40:58]

Watch the video to hear how Rachael was able to close her in-person business and create programs online to further support her clients.

One of my favorite parts about working with Willo is her calm, patient presence, and intuitive ability to guide me in my business. Willo gracefully and easily rolls with my intuitive guidance, and never makes me feel weird or strange. Our work together has impacted my life and my business by allowing me to play big.”

Rachael Webb

What did this inspire for you?

Are you moving your business from in-person to online so you can serve a larger community?

Are you being called to serve a different purpose?

Do you face the challenge of stepping into your genius and overcoming the fear of being visible?

Feel free to share in the comments!

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