Client Spotlight Interview with Maiya Holliday ~

Spotlight Interview with Maiya Holliday

Welcome to the fifth segment of Spotlight – a series where I sit down with brilliant, purpose-driven entrepreneurs (many of whom I have the honor of working with!) and we pull back the curtain for some serious REALTALK about what it takes to follow your heart and birth your big ideas. Are you ready for this?

Meet Maiya

I’m shining the spotlight on the lovely and talented Maiya Holliday, who runs Mangrove Web Development, a very successful web development firm that specializes in creating stunning, functional websites for purpose-driven companies.

We first started working together one-on-one (VIP Coaching) in June 2015, and she continued working with me by joining my Small Group Coaching program for another year in 2016.

The growth I’ve witnessed in Maiya – both in her as a leader, as well in the growth of her company – over these past two years has been so inspirational!

Maiya’s tripled the size of her remote team, and has been able to cut back on her insane hours by fully embracing her leadership role (perfect timing as she’s been preparing to become a new mom!). Mangrove has a beautiful new website showcasing their work, which has them landing bigger & better projects, and they’re officially registered as a BCorp!

Key takeaways from this conversation?

In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • The benefits of working with purpose-driven organizations. [1:15]
  • How to manage and grow a fully remote team. [10:47]
  • The importance of leadership as your business grows. [12:47]
  • How Maiya prepped her team to adapt when her new baby arrives. [15:40]
  • Overcoming fear and guilt around stepping back from your business. [21:09]
  • Maiya’s philosophy around choosing the right clients to work with. [25:41]
  • Self confidence & emotional support that came from working with a heart-centered business coach. [29:30]

Watch the video to hear how Maiya was able to let go of the reigns as she grew her company from 3 to 9 people.

“I remember Willo very specifically saying, “Okay, so when is your website going to be done?”, or “When are you going to get your first draft or your B Corp assessment done?” And it’s really easy to cop out on your own deadlines for stuff like that. But it’s different when there’s someone who you know you’re paying for the time. I’m investing in my connection with Willo and her support of my business.”

Maiya Holliday

What did this inspire for you?

Are you a business owner who has struggled with letting go of the day to day tasks in your company?

Have you ever felt conflict and guilt around balancing your personal life & your business?

* * *

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