Client Spotlight Interview with Kristina Louise Welzien ~

Spotlight Interview with Kristina Louise Welzien

Welcome to the seventh Spotlight episode – lucky number seven! – where I sit down with brilliant, purpose-driven entrepreneurs (many of whom I have the honor of working with!) and we pull back the curtain for some serious REALTALK about what it takes to follow your heart and birth your big ideas. Are you ready for this?

Meet Kristina

This Spotlight is shining on the beautiful, soulful and visionary Kristina Louise Welzien, who I had the pleasure of working with as a VIP / one-on-one coaching client back in 2015. Now two years later, it’s inspiring to see the progress she’s made as a spirit-led entrepreneur who is committed to launching her dreams into reality!

From working as an employee in a salon to becoming an independent contractor in other people’s salons, Kristina is finally realizing her dream of opening her own eco-friendly beauty and wellness studio, Wabi Sabi Beauty, in a few months!

I’ve even had the pleasure of experiencing Wabi Sabi Beauty first hand, visiting Kristina for a cut & color last year, and can attest to the magic. The care and attentiveness Kristina brings to every step provides such a safe space to connect with yourself, relax, and you leave looking & feeling so refreshed!

I am so excited for others to experience a conscious, healing salon space like this. She’s truly a visionary creating this, as I foresee people flocking from distant lands to book in with her and this high vibe team!

Watch this Spotlight episode to hear how Kristina was able to ride the entrepreneurial waves and move through the emotions that come with starting her business.

Key takeaways from this conversation?

In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • Kristina’s transformation from employee to a business owner, and asking for support in that process. [2:57]
  • Creating a different approach to the old salon experience; her vision for a studio environment that focuses on wellness and connecting to yourself. [8:25]
  • Defining moments for Kristina as she journeyed through the process of creating her business. [14:00]
  • Building strength & courage around wanting to be seen, but fearing being seen at the same time. [16:20]
  • Growing a team of contractors and the unique magic they each bring to the studio. [19:30]
  • More on how Kristina’s services differ from the typical salon and focus on the wellness aspect of beauty during treatment. [23:15]
  • Creating the studio space and the elements that go into making it a truly multi-sensory experience. [25:25]
  • Why Kristina allowed herself to step forward and trust her choice to invest in working with a heart-centered business coach. [29:07]

Watch the video to hear how Kristina was able to step into a deeper relationship with herself to become the leader she is today.

“I was really looking to have coaching and support from an expert that could speak from a heart-centered place. Someone who is really connected with themselves, not only on an intellectual level but also on a spiritual level.

When I first spoke with Willo, I was like, “Wow,  she’s the coach I can have these juicy conversations with!” I feel like she really hears me, and can really get a sense of what I’m up to and helps me navigate that.

Kristina Louise Welzien

I am so proud to see this radiant woman stepping fully into her genius and making her big vision come to life! Through the process of birthing her big idea, Kristina was able to get out of her own way, stand in her power and create an amazing vision that was bigger than herself. YES!

What did this inspire for you?

Are you in the process of opening your own business?

Do you find it challenging to merge your passions and create your big ideas?

Have you ever felt the struggle of wanting to be seen but fearing it at the same time?

Feel free to share in the comments!

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