The Garden Gathering Hong Kong -

The Garden Gathering Hong Kong

The Garden Gathering is here again, sweet sisters!

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Over the weekend of October 13-15th, 2017 we will camp out together again under the stars* at the beautiful Sai Yuen Farm located on Cheung Chau, an island that’s just a quick boat ride away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.

*Actually we’ll be sleeping in rather nice teepees, safari tents & domes that have proper beds, nice sheets, fans, A/C, and hardwood floors.  But compared to life in our Hong Kong high-rises, it feels deliciously rustic & outdoorsy! There will be space for actual tents as well, if you fancy that route. ‍

I attended (and contributed to) the second @thegardengathering in March, and I can sincerely say it changed my life. Watch my video on Instagram

Not only did The Garden Gathering introduce me to so many new, amazing women from all over the world – many of whom have become dear clients and beloved friends who I spend time with regularly! – but it rooted me into a deep, embodied awareness of the power and magic of true sisterhood.

This October marks the third Garden Gathering, and I want every woman I know to be with us!!

Tickets are on sale now!

The conscious container held at this event, both for Spirit and our gracious Mother Earth, creates a space for every woman and child (yes, children are welcome, too!) to teach, guide and learn from their fellow sisters in nourishing and transformative ways. ✨

Honestly, to be surrounded with some of the most gifted and wise women in Hong Kong and beyond, and to learn from them in these cozy, safe, generous spaces… I couldn’t have dreamed up a more amazing experience!

As a returning Gardener (what those of us contributing skillshares are called), I will be offering my two interactive skillshares again – Birthing your Big Ideas + Flourishing in your Genius – and am looking forward to supporting the brilliant sisters who join me this year!

Guiding my offerings at the event in March was SO incredible; sitting outside on the grass, under a big beautiful tree, hearing the birds sing, and feeling the breeze while each woman shared her vision, received insightful guidance, and cultivated more courage and clarity for her creative and luminary path. YES!

A snapshot from one of my Garden Gathering skillshares – March, 2017
Each skillshare is maxed at ~7-10 women, so each one is beautifully intimate and connected.

Take a look at the beautiful offerings that are taking place: 5 Rhythms, Ceremonial Smudging and Fan Making, Cha Dao Tea Ceremony, Channeling, Chakra Dance, Drum Circle & Drum Making, Yoga, Elixirs and Oils, EFT, Feng Shui, Gong Bath, Henna Arts, Kirtan, Moon Ceremony, Numerology, Osho Meditation, Sacred Sound Healing, Singing Bowls, and more!

After guiding, learning, singing, meditating, dancing, stretching, journeying and healing over those three days in March, I came away from the first Garden Gathering ready to look every woman in the eye – connect with her, and let her know I understand, love, and accept her. We are truly in this together! ❤️

Can you imagine if we all met each other in that way, cultivating a web of support and empowerment that builds connection, and helps each other rise up? This is it, ladies. We are being called to heal the world with our big hearts and it starts with us coming together!

Ceremony at The Garden Gathering • March 2017

In addition to the two skillshares I’m offering, I’ll also be helping with the on-site Empowerment Center – a space dedicated to one-on-one counsel for those seeking support emotionally, physically or energetically – and I’ll be gathering the Raffle contributions and announcing the winners at mealtimes – so fun!

I’ve also been contributing my geeky skills and mass-event production experience (from co-founding Yes and Yes Yes (YxYY) to co-creating other epic gatherings around the world) to the Garden Gathering planning & collaboration process. I first got everyone on board using Slack – my favorite team communication tool – and have had some fun showing them new ways to use Google Spreadsheets as well.

If you’re a small business owner or visionary co-creating incredible experiences in this world, be sure to check out my full list of recommended business systems for ease & efficiency!

So much healing and connection happens at this event, that I want everyone to experience this.

It confirmed for me why I am here in Hong Kong – that I was called here – and revealed to many of us that Hong Kong is truly a Light Center. There are so many of us here ushering in this consciousness!

Truth is, no matter where you are on your journey, if you are called to this, you are welcome with open arms to attend, learn and explore with us – it’s open to all who identify as women everywhere!

This event is truly remarkable to be a part of, and you will not only experience shifts by simply being there and taking witness to this co-creation, but you’ll walk away with friendships and connections that will continue to ripple out blessings that positively impact your soul’s journey for the rest of your life!

Join us, Sister

Tickets are on sale now and going fast, so please book in
and do everything you can to join us for this magnificent weekend.

You can also visit for more information. There you can also explore how to contribute to as Gardner offering your own Skillshare, a Sponsor (whether you’re able to attend or not!), to donate a Raffle item (which supports us in many ways), and/or volunteer as a Seva Sister.❣️✨

Huge thanks to dear MayResham & all of the phenomenal women coming together to co-create this incredible weekend! Can’t wait!!

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