Systems that Support You & Your Business ~

Systems to Support You & Your Business

Below you’ll find over 70 of my favorite apps, recommended resources, and systems to support you and your business!

Included in this directory:

Note: I’m not using every single one of these. A number of these I either used in the past or felt they were worth including in the list of resources for you. I update it regularly.

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Website Themes, Hosting, and Payments

Thrive Themes – Beautiful, customizable WordPress theme, easy to edit for robust landing pages, a Quiz Builder & so much more!

SamCart – Create Sales Pages, Accept Payments, etc.


WPX Hosting – What I use now & they have the best service I’ve ever experienced in hosting!

MediaTemple – Website hosting. Still have some sites hosted here.

Dreamhost – Website hosting. Used them for years, excellent service.

WPCurve – Keep WordPress updated & have professionals help you for one low monthly cost.

Content Creation & Useful Chrome Add-Ons

Canva – My favorite image-creation software. My team & I use this exclusively now!

Descript – My new favorite video editing app – truly amazing!!

Screenflow – Screen capture & video editing.

Editorr App – Writing help from real editors.

Grammarly – On-demand access to qualified editors.

JumpCut + Copied + Text Expander – Clipboard management & keyboard shortcuts.

Video Speed Controller (Chrome Add-on) + SpeedTube (iPhone App for YouTube)

Screencastify – Chrome plugin for quickly recording screencasts.

TubeBuddy – Browser extension & mobile app that integrates with YouTube to help you run your channel with ease.

Video Husky – Unlimited video editing

VidPros – Video editing with 24 hours or less turnaround!

Social Media

Planoly – Plan, schedule and track your social media content.

Buffer – Super easy tool to schedule your social media content.

Later – Visually plan, schedule and analyze posts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter


ClickFunnels – Super easy way to do top-of-funnel lead capture & conversion.

Interact – Incredible lead generation quizzes (see related post)

ChitChat Local – Learn how to promote your businesses on Nextdoor – this is especially great for local-based businesses! – A powerful tool that uses AI to generate quality copy & personalized content with minimal input from you. – Covers everything from Sales Funnels & Payment Forms to Quizzes & Landing Pages, with an intuitive interface & customizable experience.

Mail & Contact Management

Google Apps – Email, calendar & more! $5/user = $15 (Currently I have 3 users; 2 for my email addresses and 1 for my assistant + I use groups for various alias email addresses).

SaneBox – Save your inbox & your sanity! So grateful for this app.

Traveling Mailbox (what I use now) & EarthClassMail – Scans your snail mail, so you may view/open/recycle online!

EverContact – Effortless contact management. When someone emails you, all their information automatically go into your contacts. Never go searching for someone’s contact information again… incredibly useful.

Convertkit – I switched from MailChimp to Convertkit and love it! THEY HAVE A FREE PLAN NOW, TOO!

MailChimp – Basic email marketing service – good for if you need something free & simple.

Insightly – CRM (for sales/customer relationship management)

GrooveHQ + HelpScout + HelpRace – CRM HelpDesk solutions.

Streak – CRM inside Gmail!

Kiwi for Gmail – Removes Gmail from your browser so you can use it as an app on your desktop.

AirMail (Mac & iPhone) – Like Mac’s Mail App, but better. Interfaces with Google email very well.

Chuck – app for iPhone, which sorts email by Sender (helps for when you want to clean up/archive an entire sender in one fall swoop!)

Scheduling & Calendars

Acuity – MY FAVORITE! Excellent system, preferred by many. Can be embedded in your site, too!

ScheduleOnce – An online booking calendar. Send clients a link to directly put themselves in your schedule.

Satori – I used Satori for years. It handles scheduling, contact management, contracts, questionnaires, AND payments via PayPal.

Calendly – Meeting scheduler.

BusyCal (Mac only) – I call this “iCal on crack.” It interfaces brilliantly with Google Calendars, too. I recommend FantastiCal for iPhone.

To-Do’s/Task Management + Team Collaboration

Trello – I now use this for all of my team task management.

Asana – Awesome task management & team collaboration tool.

Slack – Great for team chat!

Modern Faxing (e-Signatures) & Contracts

HelloSign – Using this now & love it! Especially great for if you have a standard contract or form – e.g. NDA, W-9 or Standard Contract for a program – which you can simply link to for every person who needs to sign.

Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign) – I used to use this one prior to HelloSign.

Destination Legal – Need Contracts? Awesome templates here that have got you covered!!

Smartwaiver – Online waivers for your business.

Honeybook – Powerful client management software for handling contracts, proposals, invoicing, and payments all in one!

Virtual Assistance

Time, etc. – Trying this out now & so far so good!

FancyHands – Basic VA, booking appointments, making calls/doing research. Great place to start to begin wrapping your head around outsourcing/delegating tasks.

Upwork – I regularly hire people on Upwork now. or Undullify – a team to help you make graphics all the time for one low monthly price.

Magic – Personal assistant on demand.

Video Conferencing & Phone Platforms

Zoom – My favorite! You can do Webinars through Zoom, too.


Google Voice – I ported my San Francisco 415 phone number to Google Voice (so long, AT&T!), and have it set up so that when friends/family/clients call me, it rings me on both Google Voice/Hangouts and Skype (which both makes sure it finds me on one or the other, and gives me a choice as to which platform I use to answer – some days one is working better than the other). Also, all of my outgoing Google Voice & Skype calls appear to those I’m calling as my 415#. I pay ~.02/min, and they top up automatically whenever I run out. I’d estimate I average ~$25/mo. Totally worth it!


Travel-Related for the Location Independent + VPN/DNS

TripIt Pro – Organizes all travel documents & alerts you of any delays/updates. Also has perks for Regus remote offices & Hertz!

Dynamite Circle – Worldwide Network of Location Independent Entrepreneurs. Love this crew. (Tell them I sent ya!) 

Private Internet Access – Internet security (and how you can still use some of these internet services when you’re not in the US)

StrongDNS – Access your favorite websites from anywhere.

Chase Sapphire – If you don’t have a Chase Sapphire card yet, I highly recommend it for miles! Earn 50k bonus points with this link.

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Bookkeeping & Accounting 

Xero – Best online accounting software IMO!

Freshbooks & Harvest – Time tracking + invoicing.

WaveApps – Online bookkeeping, accounting, invoicing & payroll.


GreenBack Tax Services Specifically for Expats – please tell them I sent you!

Inventory Management

Stitch Labs – If you have physical products, Stitch is a must-have!Full disclosure: I served as Co-Founder, so I’m partial.

Information Management (Audiobooks, Notes, Files, Links & more)

Audible – Listen to books & read 2-5x as many books!

Blinkist – Read key lessons from 1500+ nonfiction books in 15 mins.

Evernote – For client notes, journaling, developing class outlines, etc. (I’m head over heels for Evernote… it’s like my digital brain!)

Pocket – Save links to read/find/share later. Beautiful reader, and easy to search your saved and archived reads.

Dropbox – File storage & sharing.

Google Drive – Storage & file organization.

Bitly – Creates short links to share, which gives you tracking analytics, but it’s search function also serves as a place to store/reference information.

Zapier + IFTTT – hook up various services!

Mac Maintenance

CleanMyMac 3  – Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac. Can’t recommend this app enough! I had a bunch of problems with my MacBook Air, and when searching for solutions I saw so many people reference this app. Once I reinstalled my OS, I bought & installed this and it helped me clean up an additional 80GB of space – NO JOKE! I love being able to free up memory with a click of a button.

Coaching, Fitness, & Therapy

Transformational Business Coaching with Willo Sana – Work with me directly, either one-on-one or in a group coaching setting!

Yoga with Adriene – My favorite Yoga instructor on YouTube!

Hiring a Personal Trainer (on Zoom) has been the biggest gamechanger of my life! If you’re interested in this, I have an amazing trainer I recommend. He’s more affordable than you might think (and worth every penny), and he makes working out FUN! Please reach out to me directly for an intro.

BetterHelp – Need a therapist? Get matched with someone and get your first week free.

I have many other talented humans in my network… so if you’re seeking a specific type of service provider (e.g. graphic designer, human design expert, nutritionist, etc), reach out to me directly and I’d be happy to refer you to someone I know & recommend.

There’s still so many missing here, no doubt.

I try to update this often, but technology moves FAST!!

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Have you implemented any of these?What other apps/services do you love & recommend?

Comment below, send me an email or a tweet and tell me about it!