Credits 2016 - WilloLovesYou

Credits 2016

Thank you to all whom helped me birth this new site into the world!

I’m SO thrilled to have a revised website to help communicate what I’m up to these days…. it’s been a long time coming!

Before this, I hadn’t redesigned my site for five years, back when I produced and launched my video series on Creative Sustainability in 2011. Five years may not sound like a long time, but it is in my world; especially given how long I’ve been online and the international web-based work I do.

Then, in 2013, I changed my online moniker from WilloToons to WilloLovesYou, and my coaching work began to deepen. My old site served me well through that time, but it was a band-aid fix, and I knew a fresh look was imminent.

Fast forward a few more years of thriving in life and love, traveling the world, and evolving the transformational coaching & consulting work I do with clients all over the world, and here we are… a Happy New Year, indeed!

I hired an awesome new team member last fall, and we got started on the redesign in October. I could have hired a major design and branding firm, and spent a pretty penny on it, but given my background in design/development and my knowledge of what works on the web, I knew that – between me and my savvy tech manager, Sean Twomey – we could rock it. And we did! (Sean is amazing… highly recommend him!)

We picked out a great base theme, and while I was in California last fall I had a Goddess Portrait Session with the talented women of In Her Image Photography. I brought in Amy & Tory of Greensky+Co to do some identity work for my new logo, and help me pull together the colors and fonts. I am delighted with how it all came together visually!

I did all of the writing and hired a talented friend for some copy-editing support (I’m always grateful for copy-editing support!). Other than that we subcontracted a few other Upwork developers along the way, and all-in-all we birthed this baby in 3 months!

YES fistpumpYESSSS.

Writing it out here makes it sound like it was easy, but truth be told this redesign was a massive undertaking! More than a decade’s worth of content, cleaning up the vestiges of several of my former creative businesses AND clarifying how I wanted to communicate the current incarnation of my work was no small feat. Thankfully, Sean is awesome and we were determined to keep putting one foot in front of the other to make it happen.

What’s next? First I’m excited to share some of the awesome work I’ve been doing with my clients, helping them magnetize their win-win clients! I’m delighted to launch my new podcast and the courses I have brewing. I’m stoked to have a refreshed platform to continue sharing the brilliance of my amazing clients and wise friends. And, overall, I am simply over the moon that it’s LIVE, baby!

peanuts happy new year

Thank you for celebrating with us!