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10 Stitching it all together…

This year has brought about some incredible developments… both personally, and in my career. One of my main goals has been to find my sweet spot. The awesome thing is, getting clear on my sweet spot over the last year, I transformed the clients I was attracting into exactly the kind of clients I want to […]

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Creative Collaboration: Don't DIY Alone

For those that don’t know, D.I.Y. = Do It (all by) Yourself. What fun is that? 🙂 A big thanks to all who came out to my workshop today – Creative Collaboration: Don’t DIY Alone – at Noise Pop’s Culture Club! As promised, here’s a list of all the inspiring collaborations, both local and around the […]

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5 Know your strengths

Launching my own product line was a huge step. For one, I finally did it! It had been my dream for as long as I could remember, and I finally put everything else aside, invested the time and money and went for it. However, its challenged me in ways I never expected, and I’ve learned […]

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