My Octohug illustration has been published in a coloring book! -

My Octohug illustration has been published in a coloring book!

Want to hear the coolest thing in the whole world? One of my illustrations has been included in Souris Hong-Porretta‘s new Outside the Lines Coloring Book!

I am crazy honored to have my Octohug drawing nestled on a page near awesome illustrations by some of my favorite artists: Gary Baseman, Keith HaringKozyndanRyan Junell, Ryan McGinness, Saelee Oh, Shepard FaireySouther Salazar, and so many more!

Outside the Lines: An Artists' Coloring Book for Giant ImaginationsBuy on Amazon ~

For those who are unfamiliar with my history, Octohug was one of my first illustrations I had embroidered on baby onesies, and gocco printed on greeting cards when I launched my WilloToons product line in 2007!

octohug illustration

I am so over the moon excited that this sweet illustration lives on in OTL, and will be colored by kiddos all over the land!!

Outside the Lines has been receiving a ton of amazing press, too. Check it out:

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  • USAToday, Nylon Mag and many more! (Souris’ Pinterest board)

She even had a huge Book Launch party at MOCA that I wish soooo badly I could have been there for!  (I was in Oslo, Norway at the time.) LA Weekly covered it and published some great photos:

Souris & Shepard FaireySouris Hong-Porretta & Shepard Fairey



OTL Book Launch at MOCAThe beautiful MOCA, which all artists received a membership to… I’m so excited to go!

Outside the Lines Book Launch at MOCAView all OTL Book Launch photos by Nanette Gonzales, LA Weekly

I’ve even started receiving shout-outs from friends who are coloring my page!

Verdell's octohug

This coloring book is truly SUCH a super cool creation. A perfect gift for kids AND art-loving adults, too. Gigantic thanks to Souris for including me!  ♥

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