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Flourishing in Your Genius @ IRIS Hong Kong Health & Wellness Festival

Do you have a message to share with the world? Are you allowing your gifts to flow through you, courageously standing in your value, and letting your light shine in order to do the important work you are here to do in your precious time on this beautiful planet?

If so, first and foremost, I am here to root you on and remind you that your genius is needed, valued, and celebrated here! 

Second, if you happen to be in Hong Kong, I want to invite you to an event I’m truly honored to be a part of…

IRIS Health & Wellness Festival, happening the weekend of May 27th-28th! ☀️

Tickets are Available Now!

IRIS is one of the premier events for those interested in consciousness, yoga and wellness, and the journey of personal/spiritual growth.

There’s an absolutely amazing lineup of teachers, and I’m thrilled to be one of them; guiding my self-discovery workshop, “Flourishing in Your Genius” on Sunday morning, May 28th!

Special offer for my readers: Email me to be my guest!

Flourishing in Your Genius

As a creative and soulful visionary, led by your intuition and a waterfall of ideas constantly knocking on your door, you know full well that you must listen and answer your calling.

However, what happens when it’s scary, or when you don’t know where to start or go next?

I will be guiding you through a powerful process to…

  • Unearth and shine a light on your unique magic
  • Identify where/how you get derailed and/or are playing small
  • Clarify your next steps to fully allow your genius to shine through
  • Give you a roadmap for how this integrates into the larger vision for your personal and business growth

Hong Kong wellness warriors, I hope to see you there!

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Willo Sana is an international keynote speaker, a sought-after Transformational Business Coach, and intuitive strategist whose work empowers visionary entrepreneurs around the world to own their gifts, align their actions, and flourish in their calling. As a serial entrepreneur, Willo has founded several creative businesses over the last 18+ years. Her upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius, will be released in 2022. Enjoy more of Willo's articles, videos, and interviews here →

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