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Everything is Connected

Connected Autoblogography Documentary by Tiffany ShlainLast night I had the pleasure of joining my dear friend, Emily Goligoski, at a private screening for Tiffany Shlain’s new film, Connected. Hosted by the Institute for the Future, in Palo Alto, it was a select audience of amazing women, all at the top of their game, making a difference in the world. I love meeting other movers & shakers, and felt completely honored to be amongst so many powerful and wise women.

This film, and the profound experience and knowledge of both Tiffany and her renowned late father, Leonard Shlain, provides a launch pad for conversation around what it means to be so connected, and yet in many regards, more disconnected than ever before in today’s digital age. Check out the trailer:

Being on the internet as long as I have, I’ve always known Tiffany Shlain for her pioneering the Webby Awards, but having the opportunity to discuss and share ideas with her around such a poignant topic (one that’s dear to my heart) was such a treat. I loved hearing her insights and thought process around the future of our society, in relation to the technological advances that are happening so rapidly and how we’re progressing towards interdependence, both emotionally, economically and environmentally. Have you ever met someone where you think, “YES! These are the conversations I want to have!” That’s how I felt about meeting Tiffany. What a cool woman.

It was also fun to see my friend Carlton Evans, of the Disposable Film Festival, has been working on this film, for it just so happens that our mutual friend, Rebecca Bortman’s band, My First Earthquake, has contributed their rockin’ beats to my WilloToons Connect video series. Small world!

For a little taste on how fierce and articulate Tiffany is on this subject, as well as a little more insight into what her documentary, Connected, is all about, watch her interview on Revolution, by Brian Solis.

For me, personally, being invited to see this screening couldn’t been a more perfect fit (Thanks, Em!). There were so many brilliant points made, I left energized and already looking forward to seeing it again. I also look forward to crossing paths again with some of the amazing women I met last night! Here’s to connecting more with your Self, your loved ones and the world around you.

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