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11 The Best Mascara: What's your favorite?

I sent out a tweet today asking my ladyfriends what mascara they use… and I received over 10 different mascara recommendations back! My beautiful girlfriends know their business, too, so I hereby declare this a list of The Top 10 Best Mascaras out there (and then some). I totally want to have a mascara-trying-on party […]

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Toxic Shower Curtains: Say NO to Vinyl!

I am finally replacing my gross old shower curtains today! This is a statement not often followed with an exclamation point, but I am truly delighted about this, because quite frankly it’s long overdue. That said, my awareness around plastic has grown over these years – with a huge nod of thanks to Fake Plastic […]

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2 Announcing our New Eco-Friendly + Organic Line!

After going to great lengths to find the best & brightest, silky-soft organic cotton, and the most sustainable and eco-conscious silkscreening, we’re proud to announce we have launched our new eco-friendly line! We’ve expanded our baby line to include gift sets, so now you can couple a cute baby onesie with matching pants and a […]

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2 the future's so bright (or wait, dim?)

I haven’t seen this movie yet (hilarious snippet from the movie Idiocracy below), but think I had discussed it briefly with someone, and then somehow took away from our conversation that we were discussing a very serious documentary about how our future is destined to have a decline in intelligence due to the lower social […]

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3 horrific truths

horrific truths Originally uploaded by Willo. I eat eggs almost every day… but noticed this ad in this month’s BUST & checked it out the other day. Absolutely horrific. I am not sure I can stop eating eggs, but I will most definitely be looking at the packaging a LOT closer now. Buying only […]

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penny for your thoughts

a penny for your thoughts Ok, I’m only going to be giving you a small eeeeensy beeeensy taste of this info (if you haven’t read up on it already), but I think this is FASCINATING. See, I’ve been all stressed about driving my Trooper (I drive an SUV! gasp!). Yes, for middle east reasons a […]

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