Transformational Journey to Bhutan -

Join us on a 
Transformational Journey 
to the magical land of

This will be an intimate, international group of people who are dedicated to their highest growth. If that's you, I invite you to visit the website to discover what you can expect and what the program offers. 

I was so thrilled when Yana Fry reached out to invite me to co-facilitate this incredible retreat with her.  

I was guided to meet dear Yana in Singapore in May 2017, and quickly discovered her genius of seeing and guiding people through the wisdom of Human Design & Gene Keys. Are you familiar with those? 

Human Design is one of the most powerful ways of seeing your own individuality and uniqueness, and The Gene Keys are the universal codes of life, translated into a language you can understand and resonate with.

So, can you imagine spending time with a woman who knows the two of those so deeply?! Simply being around Yana transforms you and shows you parts of yourself in whole new ways. She's truly one of the most enlightened women I know. 

Suffice to say, I'm so honored and thrilled to be co-facilitating on this epic week-long journey in Bhutan with her, and I welcome you to join us!

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Willo Sana is an international keynote speaker, a sought-after Transformational Business Coach, and intuitive strategist whose work empowers visionary entrepreneurs around the world to own their gifts, align their actions, and flourish in their calling. As a serial entrepreneur, Willo has founded several creative businesses over the last 18+ years. Her upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius, will be released in 2022. Enjoy more of Willo's articles, videos, and interviews here →