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Product-Based Business or Brick & Mortar?

It’s no mystery that many product-based business owners come my way for Business Coaching, given I had my own product-based business for years. 

However, as my coaching work has deepened and evolved, I’ve found I prefer to work with serviced-based business owners. Particularly creatives who have lots of ideas and a message or gift flowing through them that they are being called to share.

It’s not that I’m totally opposed to working with product-based business owners, or those with physical locations (aka brick & mortar)…

It’s that I’m clear that, as your Business Coach, my work with these specific types of businesses wouldn’t be related to business issues like inventory management, sales, marketing, etc.

Instead, we would focus on supporting YOU as the leader of your company.

This includes clarifying your vision, abundance mindset, embodied leadership (boundaries, energy management, self-care), self- and team-management (hiring, firing, delegating), and potentially systems and processes to support you and your team.

If you have a product-based or brick & mortar business and you want to make more money, the quality of your leadership is absolutely paramount to impacting the bottom line.

I clarify this so that, if you are specifically seeking support with inventory management, sales, marketing, etc. you are encouraged to find a coach who works SPECIFICALLY in your industry.

Strategically there are key elements to growing product- and location-based business models: SEO, eCommerce, location-specific PR, and more. I know a little about all of these, but it’s not my specialty, nor am I interested in coaching on these topics, so I encourage you to find a coach whose specialty is supporting businesses like yours in increasing revenue effectively.

All that said, if the Embodied Leadership work I do (detailed above) sounds of interest to you, and you’re open to exploring the possibilities, I welcome you to complete this application. I always love hearing from creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs and I welcome the opportunity to see if we’re a good fit to work together!

Lastly, while we may not work together 1:1, many of my courses & free resources will still be beneficial, supportive & inspiring for you!