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  • Is there a big leap, a bold move or a big vision that’s been nudging and knocking at your door?
  • Is something shifting within you/your work, leaving you hungry for high-level emotional and strategic support to map out what's next?
  • Do you feel like you could be doing more to leverage all that you’ve created thus far?
  • Are you craving more clarity around your genius, and more confidence in the steps you're taking to birth your big ideas, so you can unapologetically go for it?

Instead of watching more days, weeks and months go by, I want to help you
create major movement in ONE power-packed day.

ONE DAY.  Major Movement!

LET'S WORK  together 

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve launched several creative small businesses of my own over the last 16+ years. I have served as co-founder for two startups and I’ve developed multiple online programs, workshops and in-person retreats focused on serving and supporting other creative, visionary entrepreneurs around the world.

My approach to business coaching and consulting is holistic, because YOU are the individual at the center of your business. 

And, as a creative visionary, led by your intuition and the waterfall of ideas constantly knocking on your door, you know    full well  that your life and your business are interconnected.

This is why I’m passionate about offering Emotional AND Strategic support so we're clear on how you're operating in your business and support you in working on your business.

If you’re anything like me, you're in business for yourself because you love the work you do. In fact, you didn't even really plan it... IT CHOSE YOU. And now you're here, and whether you're two years or ten years in, you're still learning and growing.

One thing's for sure is you love not having to answer to a boss, or commute to a 9-5. Instead, you get to set your own schedule, you have no ceiling on your income and you get to work with the clients you love. When it's good, it's good!

However, when your business is sprouted from your creative soul, it's more precious. It can be very vulnerable, and downright terrifying as you shift and evolve and grow. As a result, it’s all too easy to get in your own way and find yourself paralyzed in fear, running like a hamster spinning your wheels, or completely derail and self-sabotage. Sound familiar? Let's talk.

CLIENT  love 

Esther Jacobs
Chiang Mai

Dee Cheung
Hong Kong

Faith Lantz
Hong Kong

Kristina L. Welzien
San Francisco

Jessica Linderman
Ubud, Bali

Aletha McGee

Dr. Katherine Dale
Hong Kong

Maiya Holliday
San Francisco

Joy Maziar
Ubud, Bali

Garrett Gee
Orange County

Katrina Heppler
Los Angeles

Ying Han Cheng 
Hong Kong

Frequently Curious Entrepreneurs Want To Know (FAQ)

  • How Should I PLan For This Day?
  • Do I have to want to launch something?
  • I Love the idea of having support, but I'm not sure this format is right for me.
  • I have a few ideas, but I'm nervous i don't have enough figured out to make this effective
  • I'm a pretty experienced business owner; what makes you think you can help me?

You'll be receiving a Pre-VIP Day Questionnaire, and depending on where you're at, I may send you some additional questions for clarity before we get started.

Logistically, however, I’ll request you prepare by consciously setting aside the day to be wholly focused for us to co-create together. That means being clear and present, not having any other meetings or commitments, letting your spouse and family know, and even integrating space afterwards to assimilate the work we've done together.

Once we've had the chance to talk & book in our time, you'll be feeling a lot more ready. Trust the process and take one step at a time. I'm here to answer any questions along the way.

LEARNING THE  hard way

Now, I’m a Business Coach, so your bottom line is important to me. I want to see you making more money, while doing what you love. However, this work is about so much more...

Truth is, I’ve seen so many brilliant creatives – no matter how long they’ve been in business, or even how well their business is doing! – squander their brilliance; waste time with inefficient systems, or find themselves completely stuck because they’re terrified of doing it wrong or failing. Many are even paralyzed in the face of potential success!

That's why this work is - and must be - transformational. In addition to the alignment work we'll do to clarify your vision and address any limiting beliefs/fears, I'll also be sharing intuitive insights and experienced guidance to reveal major opportunities for growth, strategically and otherwise. 

Would you rather learn the hard way, or receive the support and guidance of an experienced mentor and coach?


Dee Cheung ~ Founder & Entrepreneur

Willo is SO resourceful... I know so much now, because of the wealth of knowledge that she is. On a practical level, as a coach, that's so important. Obviously, the other side of it being that she's so heart-centered. She creates space for people to talk about what's actually going on in their life.

Amber Adrian ~ Writer & Intuitive Channel

Willo is a joy to work with. In our first session, she picked up my scattered talents and interests, and handed me a business I didn't even know I had. In our second session, she gave me a platter of different income streams to try and, after implementing the first,I doubled my mailing list in one day...and tripled it in a week!


Working with Willo has impacted my life and business by allowing me to play big.

One of my favorite parts about working with Willo is her calm, patient presence, and intuitive ability to guide me in my business. I am actively moving forward toward what I want to create in my life with solid, simple steps.

Rachael Webb , Spiritual Coach & Business Advisor

Willo the Alchemist... she is one of a kind!

I am in awe of how Willo was able to pull the articulation of my gifts right out of me. I felt a huge shift and awakening to who I am and my purpose. Willo held this space of safety while being like an alchemist - facilitating the unearthing of a stone in my gut and turning it to light!

Aletha McGee , Writer, Singer, Explorer & Philosopher

Willo creates an emotionally safe space.

We are often our harshest critics, and it's self-care not self-doubt that help us move forward. Willo creates an emotionally safe space that translates your doubts into opportunities for growth and amplifies the whispers of your confidence until you can do it yourself.

Rahaf Harfoush , Strategist & NYT Best-Selling Author

Working with Willo has given me the confidence to carve out my own path in life and business.

I thought hard work meant a lot of suffering. I now see how it is possible to be more balanced, abundant and thriving positively in my business. I can choose to do what I love more!

Faith Lantz , Web Developer & Entrepreneur

Willo leaves me energized, with a bounce in my step and love in my heart!

If you want support to re-connect with your best self in ways that are creative, playful, profound and action-oriented, reach out to Willo and let the magic begin!

Kirthi Nath , Independent Filmmaker

Willo always gave me time and space to do things at my own pace - mentally, spiritually and physically.

Over the initial six months, I experienced tremendous growth, and continue to grow with Willo’s support and patience. She is an extraordinary coach that supports people as the whole person that they are - mind, body and spirit.

Kristina Louise Welzien , Hair Designer, Visionary & Founder

Application for A PRIVATE VIP DAY

Please complete the form below to get the conversation started. This will serve to help us get acquainted and potentially claim your spot, should you be interested in one of the destinations offered above. Once your initial request is received, we'll send you a more detailed questionnaire to complete and set up a call to explore further. 

I look forward to learning more about you & your business!


I’ve had many incarnations in my businesses and the one thing I’ve learned is that there is no greater teacher for your personal and spiritual development than growing your own business. It puts you face-to-face with your fears and taxes you emotionally, physically and mentally.

There’s building    Momentum  in your business, and then there’s  Abundant Expansion, when you’re expanding your capacity for bliss as you blossom into new realms of embodied leadership, love and financial success. Which is the super sweet spot!!

Bottom line is, regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial path, we need love and support. As humans, and especially as creatives and light-workers in the world.

For the last several years, I’ve had the honor of traveling around the world, offering high-level coaching and consulting to best-selling authors, spiritual coaches, healers and conscious creators - like you - to feel more confident, clear and THRIVE, taking aligned, heart-centered action and serving the world with your gifts.

If you feel like Emotional & Strategic Support is what you have been looking for, to help you grow - personally and professionally, with your business - let’s talk. I would love to support you.

If we don’t get the opportunity of working together directly, I genuinely hope the free resources on my site serve to support and inspire you.

Lastly, I want you to remember two things:

  • That big idea that’s knocking on your door? It’s not knocking on mine, or anyone else’s. It’s yours, and it wants to come through YOU.
  • You are more capable than you know. 

About Willo Sana

Willo Sana is a sought after conscious business coach, consultant and international speaker who empowers visionary entrepreneurs to birth their big ideas into the world. Willo shares her special mix of emotional and strategic support, cultivating clarity, courage and compassion, through her multiple e-courses and trainings, retreats, workshops and large-scale events. She has worked with thousands of ambitious, purpose-driven individuals around the globe, helping them to thrive in all areas of life.

As a serial entrepreneur, Willo has founded several creative businesses over the last 15+ years. She’s a master facilitator of in-person workshops and retreats, has developed multiple online programs, and has co-created several epic gatherings, including the annual 400+ person event, Yes And Yes Yes (YxYY).