The Global Genius-In-Alignment Summer Sessions 2023


Summer 2023: In-person coaching sessions coming to a city near you... or book a flight to join me!


San Miguel de Allende: May 22-31*
Portland, OR: June 3-7*
Steamboat, CO: June 9 or 12
NYC: June 15


London: June 23-28*
Amsterdam: July 5-11*
Rome: July 15-28*
Lisbon: August 1-20*

Dates listed above are windows of possibility, subject to availability.
*Indicates that a 2-Day Coaching Immersive is available. See three options below. 


There's nothing like in person! The energy, the ability to go deep, to share time, and to truly have the space to surface, shift, clarify, and land your big ideas into reality. 

Join me in an incredible location and let's co-create some major healing, clarity, and movement for you. 

  • Is there a big leap, a bold move, or a big vision that’s been knocking at your door?
  • Is something shifting within you or emerging in your work, leaving you hungry for high-level emotional and strategic support to clarify map out what's next?
  • Do you feel like you could be doing more to leverage all that you’ve created thus far, but something's stopping you and/or you want help getting clear on what's next?
  • Are you craving more clarity around your genius, and more confidence or alignment in the steps you're taking, so you can unapologetically go for it?

All sessions will be customized to where you are and what you need/want.

This means we can flow between transformational emotional support (shadow work, identity work, spiritual perspective, somatic healing, mindset shifts, parts work, etc), to brainstorming/mapping things out on paper for you... or we may break out the laptops and have us diving into something you've been working on.

Your choice. Or we can simply trust what arises in the moment (highly recommended)! 

Deep Dive

Three-Hour, In Person, Private Coaching Session

  • Customized clarity, emotional support, and strategic guidance in a beautiful, private space
  • Refreshments and yummy/healthy snacks 
  • Follow-up support via Voxer for one week after





Full Day, In Person, Private Coaching Experience




*Coaching Immersive

A 2-Day Luxury, Fully Customized, Transformational Coaching Experience

  • Integrated Emotional & Strategic Support over 2 days in beautiful meeting locations
  • 2-nights at a Luxury Hotel and several delicious meals 
  • Follow-up via Voxer for accountability, reflection, or additional support for three weeks after
  • A few other exciting surprises!
  • Please note this option is only available in certain locations. Look for the * indicator on the dates above.




PayPal, Wise (bank transfer), and Payment Plans available upon request.

Contact me via FB Messenger, Instagram, or Email with any questions, to check availability, and reserve your date!

I love meeting up with & SUPPORTING
My Amazing Clients
around the world!

Don't want to travel or prefer to have a session over Zoom from the comfort of your home or office?
No problem. Here are some online options for you



I am inspired, supported and ready to get work done!

I know that I work best when there is accountability, and with Willo's generous support I made steady progress. Plus, Willo is a nerd like me when it comes to systematizing business, and I love that she is so open about how she runs her business efficiently.

Jenny Karlsson , Certified Money Coach (CMC)®

Working with Willo uncovered the possibilities of a glorious bright future

I love Willo's ability to listen on many levels, track on so many threads while consistently acknowledging what is, then weaving together succinctly, poignantly and tactfully the essence of ones core truth.

Lori Schwilling , Artist & Facilitator

Willo is extremely smart, savvy, perceptive, and attentive

She has so much insight and guidance to offer any entrepreneur, regardless of their business. Her approach is warm, genuine, and purposeful… so we covered SO much material in such a short time!

Jessica Linderman , Videographer/Photographer/Story Producer

Willo is a master business strategist. Her coaching pierces you to the core, while allowing you to feel completely safe and supported

Willo is really fantastic at taking a simple idea and fleshing it out into a process and well-oiled machine which is already taking off. Her expertise in that area added tons of value to a program I am running so that I could easily double the fees.

Kristen Hill , CEO - Sales Activator

Willo offers emotional support and heartfelt business guidance

If you’re looking to find a balance between the business and personal struggles experienced as an entrepreneur, Willo offers emotional support and heartfelt business guidance. Not only has our time together helped to discover new business ideas (especially small moves to make big impact) but it’s also helped me get through a rough patch which helped me be a stronger person, consequently helping me a better business person.

Alexandra Jimenez , Editor-in-Chief

Willo infused my spirit with clarity about where I’m going and what's next for me

One of my favorite parts of working with Willo is her ability to mirror, dig deeper, ask strategic questions and see what's possible. Our work together has helped me anchor in the next level of expansion at a cellular level.

Justine Pattantyus , Soulful Systems Designer

Willo has helped me navigate huge, unforeseen challenges in my business and continue moving forward

I’ve now defined my niche, my brand's core messages (which are totally aligned to my personal values), and gained more clarity about how I want to work with my clients.

Anita Stewart-Toi , Copywriter, Storyteller & Entrepreneur

Willo was able to take out the fear, and guide me step-by-step

Before we got started, some of my fears were that the whole online and social media world was so foreign to me. As I started my online business, Willo was able to take out the fear and guide me step by step. She helped me by giving me the vision to do things in ways I wouldn't have thought of.

Vivian McGrath , Documentary Executive Producer, Author, Blogger


 Willo Sana

Willo Sana has been called an Oracle, an Alchemist, a Liberator, and a Doula for Hatching Big Ideas.

For over a decade, through her speaking, coaching, and mentorship, she has served as a dynamic catalyst and coach to hundreds of high-profile leaders and creative visionaries – including best-selling authors, TEDx speakers, producers, therapists, naturopaths, healers, coaches, online business owners, creative consultants, and more. 

Willo's unique mix of Emotional Support and Strategic Guidance is grounded in somatic psychology, spirituality, and neuroscience. Her work is trauma-informed, attachment-informed, and nervous system aware; compassionately facilitating the inner work (e.g. shadow work, psychological/spiritual integration, identity/ego death) required on the path of growth and expansion. 

As a seasoned entrepreneur herself, she has over 25 years of experience growing creative businesses online. In the last two decades, she's founded and grown over half-a-dozen companies of her own, all while helping hundreds of other 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs do the same. 

Willo's upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius: Own Your Gifts, Align Your Actions, and Flourish in Your Calling, will be released January 2024.

Whether your genius is to love, heal, inspire, transform, teach, or ignite a revolution… 


Double Down on Your Genius 

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Double Down on Your Genius book by Willo Sana