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Guidelines for Submitting Content for Review & Feedback

Guidelines for Submitting Content for Review & Feedback

I'm excited to share that I've brought on a stellar Creative Content Manager, named Rachel, who will be helping me review & make edits/suggestions to your drafts!

I'm good, but Rachel is totally next level when it comes to copywriting... I'm so stoked!

Hi, I'm Rachel!

Content to submit for review & feedback includes:

  • Google Docs with drafts of:
    • Article or Blog Post
    • Landing Page
    • Sales Page
    • Lead Magnet
    • Newsletter
    • Email Sequences: Marketing
    • Social Media Posts
    • Script for Webinar, Video, Workshop or Talk 
  • URLs to Webpages/Landing Pages/Sales Pages. Hopefully, we've had a chance to review it in a Google Doc first for more detailed editing... but if not, we're happy to do an audit/review of a draft or live page.
  • 90-Day Clarity Map Updates (Willo will primarily review these)
  • Images or PDFs you've designed - Ideally we've already reviewed/edited content in an editable Google Doc first... much easier to give feedback!

This is a total BONUS offering to my coaching, as it's never been something that was guaranteed when you signed up... but I really LOVE being able to help you at this level.

Content is QUEEN after all.... and you are a
Powerful Creative Content Creator!

It's game-changing to have this support, too, because it ensures you are in CREATION mode.

I want to see you putting together content that educates, communicates, engages, and makes clear & compelling offers to your target audience!

In order to streamline this process, I have created a form where you can submit your Request for Review.


UPDATE 8/6/2020:
You can now dialogue with Rachel in the #content-review-rachel Slack channel

  • All requests for review must still be submitted through the "Submit a Request" form here! 
  • Please keep all conversation with Rachel in this public channel. Preferrably no private DM conversations. This helps Willo stay aware of your progress & invites others to learn from the feedback as well.  
  • Please keep the conversation in this channel 100% focused on Creative Content Review & related projects. 
  • If Rachel doesn't have a question, she won't engage you in that channel. She'll simply continue to comment directly on your docs. 
  • If you've submitted a website,  a PDF or graphic for review, she'll deliver your feedback to you in this channel in Slack. 
  • If you have any additional information that needs to be considered, please do your best to place it in the form or the document you're submitting for review, to keep the Review Requests streamlined for Rachel.

Don't worry, I'm still 100% in it with you!

  • You can always still communicate with me directly about your docs! I know you & your business best at this point, so don't worry... I'm not going anywhere. 
  • This process simply ensures none of your requests are missed, and that we're reviewing them in the order they are submitted.
  • You can, of course, still share anything & communicate with me directly in Slack any time. 

My #1 goal is to have you feel supported on your path!

Turn around time? 

Great question! I have always aimed to review things for you within 48 hours on weekdays -  72 hours max - but goodness knows I've failed at that & sometimes it's taken longer. Hence my need to call in support in this area! 

Right now we're setting it up for Rachel to help me review things on Tuesday & Thursdays, so we'll see how that goes to start.


Let's co-create some magic together, ladies!

Note: If you lose the URL to this page, know that it's in the top Menu on the Membership site, visible once you're logged in.