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Emily Griffin ​​Innovation Strategist

Working with Willo has truly given me CLARITY.

“I closed my first $8k/mo deal after just a few weeks, then further increased it to $10k/mo and extended the contract with my new client.

Working with Willo has truly given me CLARITY, helped me create RHYTHM, and remember my POWER!

There are a lot of online business coaching offers out there but if you're looking to be really seen and held to account for your greatness, Willo is the one.“

Jessica Linderman Videographer/Photographer/Story Producer

Willo is extremely smart, savvy, perceptive, and attentive

She has so much insight and guidance to offer any entrepreneur, regardless of their business. Her approach is warm, genuine, and purposeful… so we covered SO much material in such a short time!

Jenny Karlsson Certified Money Coach (CMC)®

I am inspired, supported and ready to get work done!

I know that I work best when there is accountability, and with Willo's generous support I made steady progress. Plus, Willo is a nerd like me when it comes to systematizing business, and I love that she is so open about how she runs her business efficiently.

Justine Pattantyus Soulful Systems Designer

Willo infused my spirit with clarity about where I’m going and what's next for me

One of my favorite parts of working with Willo is her ability to mirror, dig deeper, ask strategic questions and see what's possible. Our work together has helped me anchor in the next level of expansion at a cellular level.

Vivian McGrath Documentary Executive Producer, Author, Blogger

Willo was able to take out the fear, and guide me step-by-step

Before we got started, some of my fears were that the whole online and social media world was so foreign to me. As I started my online business, Willo was able to take out the fear and guide me step by step. She helped me by giving me the vision to do things in ways I wouldn't have thought of.

Becky Gilmour Owner

I feel clearer and stronger!

This month seems to have brought all kinds of magical things! Since our last session together I'm feeling clearer about what we are doing. Also feeling stronger and more worthy. You've really helped me understand how to stand my ground and stand for what we are, what we want to be, what we want to achieve. I feel much stronger for it!

All too often I see creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs wasting valuable time & energy...

Willo Sana, Transformational Business Coach

A common misconception of successful people is that somehow they’ve figured it out. That they’ve cracked some magical code that’s gotten them where they are... and if you could just find the right strategy or tool, you can get there, too. 

The truth is, no matter how far long you are on your path to success, you'll still occasionally find yourself feeling lost or scared at times.

You'll still "fail," or feel like a complete fraud.

You'll still experience overwhelm, and endure heartache.

You'll still require support, guidance, and need gentle reminders to be compassionate with yourself as you grow and expand.

I feel like I should put out my own magazine, with a paparazzi spread that reads,

"Successful Entrepreneurs: They’re just like YOU!"

It's so easy to think that those ahead of us have it all figured out, but the truth is we ALL need emotional and strategic support at every step of the game.

And it's this individual experience, during the journey of entrepreneurship, that I absolutely love. The grand adventure of following your heart and birthing your big ideas into the world that puts you face-to-face with your most amazing, unique strengths... and your most vulnerable, embarrassing weaknesses.

It’s humbling and requires massive amounts of compassion, courage, and tenacity to keep moving forward. 

As I write this, I'm celebrating being in business for myself for over 18(!) years, and I am still learning. I still feel totally scared and completely lost at times. And, as hard as it is to admit, I'm definitely still "failing" all the time! 

I’d love to report that we only have to learn tough lessons once and it's all a cakewalk from there, but the fact of the matter is when life is moving fast, and you’re expanding and evolving, you will continually be provided new opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Which is to say, you’ll have to face the truth that you are not infallible. You’re human. I’m human. We’re all learning and growing, and it’s truly thanks to the failures and mistakes in our lives that we become stronger, better, and more aware. 

Failure is Essential to Growing

As a super-optimistic person myself - shining bright and spreading love where I can in the world - I had a tendency to not want to look at what's not working.

However, after years of being in business for myself and serving hundreds of others of entrepreneurs... looking at (and working through) what's not working is one of my genius-zone specialties. 

When we learn to bravely face our shadows, surface the gremlins that have been whispering false insecurities in our ears, and release the comfort-zone identities that are no longer serving us... then we can truly shift and evolve into the brilliant beings we were sent here to become! 

This is true Embodied Leadership. It's is accepting responsibility for who you are now, and being willing to get curious and discover where you may have room to grow. It’s taking the lead in your life, and leading by example. It’s recognizing that YOU CHOOSE HOW YOU SHOW UP, even when the going gets tough.

Waves of Initiation

When you’re being called to a Higher Purpose, it comes in waves. And these waves push you up against something you don’t know; your 'Learning Edge.'

It feels uncomfortable. It’s scary. It feels daunting and insurmountable. It INVITES you to expand and grow. It tests your mettle, to see if you’re ready to step in. If you’re willing to step in to the next grand step. If you’re willing to make the big leap.

To stay in it, and allow yourself to  E X P A N D  requires trust more than anything. Trusting yourself. Trusting the process. Trusting others around us to guide and support us through it. 

Most of our greatest 'trust issues' actually start with ourselves. So, if you are experiencing fear right now... start by lovingly meeting yourself with compassion. Listen to your body, and begin caring for yourself deeply. 

Fully turn towards yourself in order to listen and act on the brilliant ideas that want to come through you.

Be honest enough with yourself to realize the way you have been operating may no longer be working. Be courageous enough to wave the white flag and call in support. Be willing to show up and share your vulnerable truth in order to cultivate and create the life and business you know is possible for you! 

Getting Naked

What they don’t tell you about entrepreneurship, is it’s really signing yourself up to consistently be open and willing to see your blind spots. Learning what you don’t know, and seeing what you don’t see. 

Being vulnerable enough to bare all in front of others in order to receive support and guidance. It’s very intimate, and can be very scary… but the good news is there are people you can trust, and you are more capable than you know!

Many of our greatest lessons are born from times of uncertainty, or are wrapped in failure and mistakes. What it requires of you is your awareness and your willingness to face it. 

Keep your eyes open. Don’t run and hide. Don’t get sucked into believing you ultimately know what the outcome is supposed to be. 

There is no destination or arrival point, and I guarantee you when you hit those times you think you’ve got it figured out, you’ll be shown what’s next (along with a slice or two of humble pie).

In Joseph Campbell's Hero’s Journey - which is an absolutely brilliant framework for the ongoing journey we’re on as purpose-driven entrepreneurs - this is the 'Revelation, Transformation, and Atonement' stage. The moment where you feel almost completely stripped of everything you knew before. 

The A-ha of these moments can feel SO big, you wonder how you’ve even gotten this far not knowing what you now know. It shifts and expands you. It actually almost makes you feel smaller first, as it puts you back in your place of remembering that you’re no different than anyone else, and that you are still on the road to mastery. Productive Humiliation, as one of my mentors calls it.

It's this transformational time - when you're in the gooey, liminal cocoon space between who've been and who you are becoming - that I love supporting visionary creatives through. 

You’re never going to know everything you’re supposed to know, or how to do everything right, or the best way. The path guides you. It will always have new things that pop up and show you. It is for you to stay present, staying connected to yourself, and the intimacy of receiving support from those around you, and to continue taking action on behalf of what’s true for you. 


I’m grateful that the work I’m being called here to do is with those who are also awake. Those who are deeply on their spiritual path and/or serving others in magical ways.

I'm honored to do this work, because I know with every cell of my being that:

You thriving,  financially and otherwise, is the greatest gift you can give the world. 

This is why I love supporting brilliant heart-centered entrepreneurs like you; to STOP doing what you think you "should" be doing or "have to" do in order to be successful, all to realize you've not been working in alignment and/or have wasted so much time not following your truth.

I love helping you get clear and focused, so you stop getting derailed by your own crippling insecurities and/or distracted by bright, shiny objects. 

I want to see you fully serving the world with your gifts, while staying in integrity with what's true for you. I want to see you reveling with joy, pleasure, and abundance in all areas of your life!