weekend wrap up

Saturday morning, after finally getting my ass outta bed and walking over to my car, was when the bummer hit (car towed). The good news though is that Karima’s offered to split some of it with me. Which she totally didn’t have to do – as it was my risk in leaving it… but it’s nice of her. We both learned our lesson – her studio neighbor isn’t as nice as she thought! :p Just kidding. Rightfully so that he was pissed, but it just didn’t have to go down like that… Either way – it’s behind us, whats done is done, yadda yadda. πŸ™‚

Saturday night Rick & I went for sushi, where my bro got to join us for a little bit! yay!! He might open another Om Imports gallery in the Haight, which would be cool. I need to hang out with that guy more often!!

Then Rick & I hit a movie: The Lord of the Rings! I was psyched to finally see it… it was good! That Golum is down right FREAKY in this one – and the special effects across the board, in all those fight scenes were just amazing. Ironically I had had a hot dream the night before about being in bed with hottie Liv Tyler… who then morphed into Kat and we were trying to look something up online, both with only our skivvies on. Aaah, dreams.


Sunday was awesome… I met up with Darren & we hit A.P.E., the Alternative Press Expo!

I got to meet Keith Knight of “K Chronicles“, and Shannon Wheeler of “Too Much Coffee Man“, both of which I’ve been big fans of for a long time. I was uber geeked on the whole thing!! Pig in dirt, Kid in a Candy store – all that! My eyes were wide and I couldn’t get enough as we went from table to table, strategically covering the entire expo as to not miss a thing. πŸ™‚ Darren is a good expo buddy!!

I was also suprised to see Brandon Bird there, who I just linked to 2 weeks ago! I picked up a print of his and had him sign it for me. RAD!!

As inspiring as it all ways it’s also hard to not feel like “gawd! who the hell do I think I am that I have any shred of talent to do anything when I see all these AMAZING artists who seem to be only living on a shoestring and they’re way better than me!” But Darren’s great at reminding me, and a belief I hold onto as well, is that there is room for everyone to do their own thing and be who they are. Everyone does it differently and has their own set of skills. And truth be told, it’s more about being compelled to do your art regardless of it’s return monetarily (however that’s always nice too πŸ™‚ but that passion is what drives all these artists to do their comics and artwork anyway – and more power to them!!!!

I loved seeing the incredibly talented women artists there. I wish I would have connected with them more actually. I got this amazing print from this young girl named Daria who doesn’t even own a computer (!) and does kick ass silkscreens and homemade cards and shirts and patches and all kinds of cute DIY stuff. I thought she was great.

Darren & I are gonna get together & have a art date (soon I hope!) and do some silkscreening and button making and painting!! He’s got mad skills and is like me and wants to start dedicating more time to his art (except he’s actually already doing it big time! HE ROCKS!)

So now all those productive talented people are like a little team of motivators in my head now: GET BUSY WOMAN! It was very cool.


After APE, I headed over to meet Matt’s (my ex boyfriends) new kitty Donovan… or as Matt likes to call him “Big Don” or “Big D” πŸ™‚

He adopted him from the SPCA and he’s really sweet and cuddly… you can tell he’s so happy to have a loving home… and I am really happy Matt got himself a cat to love and care for because I know he’s been missing our baby Kazoo so much. And now Kazoobie’s got a cousin! (even though really it’s a step brother, sorta, cousin just sounds cooler).

It was good to see Matt, but wierd to see his place for the first time since our split – and see all the things that used to be in our house, now in his. His place is a mess though… which makes me think back to how frustrated I’d get with how messy our place was all the time. Not that I’m any saint in the clean department by any means!! But it’s harder with 2 even, and I don’t think it’s in Matt’s genes to be a super clean guy. πŸ™‚

It seemed less sad and akward this time… and it’s amazing how I feel like we’re such different people now. But I still love him so much and just think the world of him as a person… he’s SUCH a good guy and so full of love. I hope our friendship can grow and get less weird, because I definitely want to have him in my life. I think we might do dinner next week.

Anyway – that’s FINALLY my update!!! I’ve gotta have lunch now!!

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kat - February 25, 2004 Reply

what kind of skivvey? πŸ™‚

leblanc - February 25, 2004 Reply

you know we are very physically close to eachother….. hm. i imagine our circle of friends overlaps at some point.

i’ll check the Om gallery. i need a Buddha for my new house.

willo - February 25, 2004 Reply

Yup! I just checked Friendster πŸ™‚ I know Vera & Ariel and it looks like we have a few other connections through MJ & my friend Kat!

πŸ™‚ small world!

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