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All of us in geeky internet/music land are already preparing for our trip to Austin in 2010 for our yearly SXSW adventure (aka BEST WEEK EVER). This year (March 2009) I was fortunate enough to have led a core-convo w/ my friend Becca (view details), and while that not only was a fabulous experience, it also got me a free pass to the Interactive portion of the conference! YES! Which is why I’d love your help getting there again.

See panels & core-convos are all about the people’s vote – which is awesome – so I’d love it if you’d take a minute to check ’em out & cast yours! The best news is, it’s simple: all it takes is signing into your account (or quickly creating one if you don’t have one already), and giving my panels a “thumbs up”. Oh & one last thing… I’m a little late on getting this post up, so this is a time sensitive request!

Please hurry, PanelPicker voting will close on Fri, Sept. 4th,
{EXTENDED till} 11:59 CST on Monday evening, September 7th
click the links below & go vote! 🙂

Right now I’m one of the main speakers on two core-convos:

And, in addition to those two, Crissy Herron from Indie Biz Chicks listed me as a “dream panelist” for hers – aww, so nice! – so thumb this one up too:

It’s really important to me that women are represented on panels at SXSWi (especially given our sizable presence in the field), so I hope you’ll help the cause by voting for the panels above, and for my friends, who are some of the brightest women in tech! See this list of worthy panels led by brilliant women. Here’s a few more that should be on the list, too. Get those votin’ thumbs ready! 🙂

Thanks all & see you in Austin in March 2010!

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