The last six months have been a wild ride -

The last six months have been a wild ride

Wow, watch out when you ask for awesome new change in your life, because you will really get it! There has been some seriously big changes happening around here, and it has been nothing short of awesome, educational and down-right transformational.

Storenvy hits a Giants game!

To start, last summer I joined on the founding team of Such an awesome product, and I had a blast working long start-up days and nights with Jon & Janette; designing, building and working our butts off. OK, we managed to get a little fun in, too.

There’s nothing like being on the core team of a very young startup, and I reveled in co-developing the vision and mission for cultivating a game-changing social shopping community experience that would help thousands of indie merchants worldwide in the process. That’s my specialty!

Fast Forward to Now
Storenvy has some *very* exciting things happening… the biggest of which is being announced tomorrow! (I will update this post with a link) Here it is! TechCrunch: Storenvy Finds A Number Of Impressive Buyers For Its $1.5 Million Round

And with that, it brings me to my exciting announcement:

Now that we’ve grown Storenvy to this point and it’s rockin’ right along,
I am transitioning into an advisory role with the company.

As many of my close friends know, I don’t take my commitments lightly: I’ve lived in the same home for 7.5 years, mentored a group of teens out in the Sunset for over 9 years and lived in SF for almost 15 (!). So, just as replacing myself with all of my regular clients and joining on with Storenvy was a big decision, my transitioning to an Advisor role was no small potatoes either. But, in the same vein, it feels right, and I’m really proud to continue being a part of this team moving forward.

What’s Next?
For those of you following along, and close friends, you know that diving into this new year, I have been making some big changes in my life.

Totally unrelated to the Storenvy stuff, I recently announced that I am officially letting go of my apparel line. That’s a decision I’d been coming to for awhile now, but in the spirit of the new year decided to go for it and make it official. Wahoo! Mind you, WilloToons still lives on, it’s just the apparel portion that’s being liquidated.

Beyond that, this transition has thrust me back into my business goals in a whole new way. I feel incredibly grateful to have owned my own businesses and truly paved my own way as an independent artist for most of my adult life. Seriously, how great is that? So while I won’t get into the details of my next step just yet, suffice to say there are some very exciting things on the horizon! Subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll hear all about it first.

Thank you all for your love and support… it means the world to me!

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Shayna - January 27, 2011 Reply

Best of luck Willo! I have no doubt you’ll be successful at whatever you experiment with next. xo

    Willo O'Brien - January 27, 2011 Reply

    Thanks, Shayna! Yes, yes… super excited for this year’s unfolding awesome. 🙂

Steve Holmes - January 27, 2011 Reply

Willo…your transparency as you travel through all of your challenges and changes…successes and failures…is amazing and your positive energy is very inspiring! You truly make the most of all your opportunities and it’s great to see how gracefully you navigate it all.

Keep on rockin’ Miss!

    Willo O'Brien - January 27, 2011 Reply

    You are so sweet, Steve. Having your reflection and support out there cheering me on makes it all that much more worth it! Truly, thank YOU!

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