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2 countown to takeoff…

Today is a big countdown to takin off for SXSW tomorrow. Hey – are you there or are you going to be there for the next couple days?? If so, please email me & lemme know – we’ll meet up! Rick & I are going together and we know a few more peeps from the […]

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my poor baby has fleas

My poor baby has fleas 🙁 It’s the first time he’s ever had them (he’s 2 years old) so I didn’t know what to look for, but boy oh boy I think he’s got em good. He’s apparently not bothered by them, cuz he hasn’t been scratching abnormally or anything… so I didn’t see signs […]

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1 buddy boy mania

buddy boy mania Whenever I’m on my computer, Kazoobie jumps up on my desk for some snuggles atleast once an hour or so. However, along with his loving bonks and purrs, he steps on my keyboard & swishes his tail in my face in hopes I’ll hold him for awhile. So I thought for today […]

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2 postcard collectors unite

Postcard Collectors Unite! Oh my gawd!! There’s a word for what I am! Or rather, what I do!! I haven’t really considered myself a collector per say, but the shoeboxes of postcards probably tell otherwise 🙂 Deltiology: The collection and study of postcards. (Interestingly, M-W doesn’t have it in their dictionary… wonder why.) Link via […]

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kitty totoro

Kitty Totoro. Today I went to Andrea’s baby shower held at Greet & Michael’s in Half Moon Bay. They have a kitty named Basil who I just couldn’t stop taking photos of cuz he’s soo cool looking: He kinda looks like a mix between King Totoro and the Catbus (watch out for the midi) from […]

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happy birthday kazoobie!

Happy Birthday, Kazoobie!! Yes, today we’re celebrating Kazoo’s 2nd birthday!!!!   Happy Birthday, Kazoo!!! “It’s good to be king.” This morning my little birthday boy fuzzy pants got treated to some yummy salmon treats first thing! And tonite Matt is coming over to bring his gifts for Kazoo and we’re going to have a little […]

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