SXSW 2007! -

SXSW 2007!

Hi! I’m alive! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over a week, but then again I can, because I’ve been caught in the whirlwind fabulousness that is SXSW in Austin. And if you don’t know what SXSW is, just know that it is like the best summer camp evarrr for geeks & hard core music fans like me & my friends! wahoo!

OK, so here’s a quick recap… that is if I can untangle the mess that is my ragged brain to actually think when/where/what, etc. It’s all a little bit blurry. 🙂 Here it goes….

:: Saturday ::

I was supposed to fly out, but the damn taxi never showed up! I was standing out front tapping my foot, giving them “5 more minutes”, when I finally realized, “holy shit! I have to hop in *my* car & drive myself there now if I even want to try to make it!” gah…LAME! So I did… sped there, pulled up & tried my damnedest… but it was that silly little 5 minutes that pretty much screwed me.

However, I was truly not that bummed at all, because I had gotten very little sleep the previous couple nights, and had been fighting off a mini-cold all week. So honestly (besides missing the 8-bit party), I was slightly elated to have another night at home to sleep in my own bed! I was actually feeling so wiped out after the whole airport debacle, I came straight home, climbed into bed & took a nap. ha!

:: Sunday :: 


Screw taxis… I did Park & Fly & caught my flight. Arrived in Austin around 5pm, grabbed my badge and met up with my peeps @ the Blogger party where I immediately started celebrating my arrival back to one of my favorite cities! 🙂 It was soooo great to reunite with a bunch of SXSW06 pals, and of course my huge crew of geekyfantastic SF friends, too.

:: Monday :: 


Brunch w/ Gabe & Elle of SonicLiving, hit some panels, got a free chair massage in the Platinum Lounge (aww yaa), and then hit HJ & Aubs’ Wine 2.0 event before dropping off my laptop back at the hotel to get ready for dinner.

Dinner on Monday night was at The Salt Lick BBQ, and the entire thing was put together by my awesome friend Souris. She had told me I’d be amongst good company, and it was true! About 25 of us met up at the Hilton to get on the bus that would shuttle us out to this famous Texas BBQ restaurant, and I was delighted to see my good friends Molly Steenson & Ryan Junell were a part of the crew. A few of the other rockstars who dined with us (whose names I can remember, and whose you might recognize) were Will Wright, Julian Bleecker, Jane Pinckard & Jesse (also of Dealership). I met a few other incredibly interesting people, but sadly didn’t get many cards, and Monday was ‘like omg a whole week ago’… so sadly I think some of those brain cells were washed down with a Shiner Bock or two. Needless to say it was very fun & I was honored to be included! Dinner was yummy, and although it’s not that rockstar, I actually came back to my room to charge my phone & ended up just staying in for the night! I learned my lesson last year though, and wanted to take care of myself early on in the week to be sure I could feel more 100% through to the end.

:: Tuesday::

Ali took a red-eye Monday night, so Tuesday morning her & Sarah showed up at our hotel & we all went out for breakfast at Las Manitas! Yumm. Sad to hear they’re going to tear that place down… it’s so great! After that I hit some panels and then we all met up at the Rio Grande for dinner. Hello margaritas & more tex-mex! (I have enough chips & salsa in my body to last me 6 months. :p) Needless to say these kicked our night off quite well. We then hit the Media Temple closing party, then the Facebook party @ the HiLo, and THEN to the Gingerman for the Squid party. SO FUN!

:: Wednesday :: 


Let the music begin! wahoo! After Aubs, Ali, Sarah & I groggily had much needed brunch/lunch @ IHOP, Ali & I hit the IODA party (@ Emo’s Annex) where we saw:

  • The Twilight Sad
  • Uncut
  • Honeycut
  • Apostle of Hustle

Then we cruised back to the hotel to meet up with our rocktastic friends Ted & Misty who had just got into town (yay!) and go to dinner. Harry & Alice met us, too, and we all feasted on yummy tapas before the evening began. That night we saw:

  • The Pipettes @ La Zona Rosa
  • Oh No! Oh My! @ Flamingo Cantina
  • Frightened Rabbit @ The Mohawk
  • The Postmarks @ Blender Bar
  • The Broken West @ Antone’s
  • The Annuals @ Beauty Bar Patio

Wow, huh? Ya… the music has begun!!

:: Thursday :: 


Aubrey, Misty, Ali & I had a yummy breakfast at Magnolia and then hit:

  • Amy Millan @ Emo’s
  • The Oohlas @ Red 7 (patio)
  • The Prototypes @ Red 7 (patio)
  • Tokyo Police Club @ Emo’s
  • Andrew Bird @ Emo’s

And then it was time for dinner. Aubrey still had a ton of wine left over from the Wine 2.0 event, so we found a good BYO restaurant, The Woodland – which turned out to be AMAZING – and had super yummy food accompanied by delicious, expensive wine. Our lives are so good!

After that I met up with a client of mine, Amy, who I designed a website for last year called: To Hell With Straight Hair (custom illustration/animation, photography, postcards & banners, too)! It was soo great to meet her in person finally… what a doll!

Then I met back up with Ali for:

  • Bishop Allen @ The Mohawk
  • David Vandervelde @ The Mohawk
  • The Bird & the Bee @ Opal Divine’s
:: Friday ::

Breakfast @ Las Manitas again! aww yaaa! This time it was Harry, Alice, Ali, Misty & I. Fun! Then we headed to the SPIN party @ Stubbs where we saw:

  • The Fratelli’s (and Pete Townshend joined them!)
  • Blanche
  • Mew

And after that:

  • Menomena @ Emo’s
  • Sondre Lerche @ the Belmont
  • Tilly & the Wall @ the Belmont

Then we *tried* to see Amy Winehouse @ the Levi’s Fader Fort… but it didn’t happen, because she only played for 15 minutes! jeeshk! But that was still fun cuz we met new friends and had free beer. haha. Oh & we caught a few minutes of Datarock before we took off.

Dinnertime! This time with Harry, Alice & Ali at my favorite restaurant in Austin, the Moonshine Patio & Grill. Their salmon dish is one of the most amazing I’ve ever had (or as Rick would like me to know, it’s prepared well, because obviously I haven’t been to Alaska. haha). So anyway, dinner there was amazing, and although I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep going, of course I did & after that we went & saw:

  • Peter, Bjorn & John @ the ACC’s DirectTV stage (which was tv studio weird)
  • Abra Moore @ BD Riley’s
  • Gruff Rhys (of Super Furry Animals) @ Bourbon Rocks
  • Apples in Stereo @ the Dirty Dog (and maybe 1 or 2 Sloan songs, too)
:: Saturday ::

Ali & I hit the Flatstock expo @ the Convention Center, which pretty much slayed me. It left me reeling…I am obviously not applying my creativity enough in my life! Seriously, what am I doing!? gah. Totally awe-inspiring. Mental note: start kicking more creative ass. hech hemm. Anyway, then we met up with Rick & his sister for brunch/lunch @ Manuel’s (yes, more chips, guac, salsa, queso – oh my), and then:

  • Mando Diao @ Cedar Street Courtyard
  • Pony’s @ Red 7 (patio)
  • Sloan @ Red 7

Umm, back to the hotel for a nap. zzzz. Then off to Habana Calle 6 for:

  • The Affair
  • Chris Garneau
  • Palomar
  • The Teeth

and then I walked over to Congress for my last show of the night & of SXSW:

  • Au Revoir Simone @ Copa
:: Sunday ::

Packed up & went to breakfast @ Juan in a Million (how great is that name?) with Ryan Junell & his rockstar friends (Miguel aka Kid606, Alan of Aquarius Records, Carrie from XLR8R, etc). The last breakfast in Austin, chock full of chips & salsa. haha. Then after a free ride on the Dillo (ha!) I made it back to the hotel for Jordan & I split a cab to the airport.

Wow. What a week… but it feels good to be home!! Especially because I got to come home to a very sweet & snuggle Kazoobie kitty! yay! xoxo

Alas, I have so much to do now & am detoxing for like a month! haha! View the photographic evidence of the week’s madness here:

Oh & I didn’t post to my blog on this site while I was there, but the whole time I was twitter-blogging, and checking in on Dodgeball, too! (Dodgeball history can be seen via this RSS link) Hi. Welcome to Web 2.0. 🙂


UPDATE: View Misty’s photos!

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