Strategy Call with Willo Sana ~

Insightful Strategy Call

strategy call preparation

Bravo for being curious and open to calling in support for you & your business!

Here are some key factors to pre-qualify yourself and ensure you'll experience tremendous value from this:

  • You're an experienced service-based* business owner with a message or service offering that you want to share, market, and grow in a sustainable, scalable way online (videos, writing, programs, courses, etc). Experienced means:
    • You’ve had your own business for at least a year or more (Mind you, I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs who’ve been in business for over 10 years… support & perspective is always beneficial!)
    • You’ve made money as a business owner. Sure, maybe you’d like to increase your revenue, but you’re definitely not just starting out. You’ve had clients/customers before, you have exciting ideas knocking on your door, and you’re ready for support and guidance as you make the next big leap!

      *Click here if you're a product-based or brick & mortar business owner
  • You are purpose-driven, meaning you love helping/serving others. Most likely your business is designed to facilitate transformation and/or increase the wellbeing of others in some way, shape, or form.
  • You're drawn to receiving guidance and insight from a coach like Willo, who’s tech-savvy, practical, knowledgeable, resourceful, and experienced in business AND heart-centered, conscious, spiritual, and intuitive.
  • You either already have a small team of employees or contractors and/or you've been going at it solo and you want the support to hire your first one; e.g. virtual assistant, bookkeeper, website designer/developer, etc.
  • You value your time & energy, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to create more freedom in your life with a business that supports that.
  • You are 100% committed to showing up, getting curious, and learning how to work smarter in your business!

If all that sounds good, then please tell me a little about yourself and your business so we can dive right in on the call and make the most of our time together!

Please answer each question truthfully. Every application will be reviewed by me, and your information is held confidential and never shared. I look forward to learning more about you & your business!