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Discover how these heart-centered entrepreneurs ARE FLOURISHING IN THEIR GENIUS!

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In this Spotlight Series...

I’ll introduce you to some of the amazing business owners I’ve had the honor of working with and you’ll learn how they turned their divine gifts, passion and skills into flourishing businesses that are serving the world in big, beautiful ways. 

We dive into some serious REALTALK here, totally willing to open up the kimono and share truthfully the ups and downs encountered during the sometimes tumultuous journey of entrepreneurship.

Here are just some of the topics we'll touch on:

  • The challenge of letting go of the uncontrollable and embracing change
  • Overcoming the fear of being visible 
  • Personal stories of how to step into your calling 
  • Navigating overwhelm and strategies to focus on the things that really matter in your life & business
  • How to stand in your value and the path to becoming a visionary entrepreneur

      + much more on how you to navigate the highs and lows while creating your online business!

Willo Sana is a sought-after Transformational Business Coach, keynote speaker and masterful facilitator who empowers visionary entrepreneurs and creative small business owners to birth their big ideas into the world. 

An internet veteran and serial entrepreneur for over 15 years, Willo's founded several creative businesses of her own, served as co-founder of two major tech startups in San Francisco, and has successfully co-created several epic gatherings, including the annual 400+ person Yes And Yes Yes (YxYY) event. 

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